Zero Gravity Chairs Available for Tall People [Full Length]

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You can relax in zero gravity chairs, whether you’re camping, at the beach, or lounging in the garden. It can be difficult to find a long enough chair for taller people. Manufacturers don’t specifically make zero gravity chairs for tall people.

They also have XL and oversized zero-gravity chairs, which can hold more weight and are larger. But they don’t seem to have the extra tall versions where the emphasis is on height and not so dependent on weight capacity and the width of the seat.

What should a tall person do next? If you don’t want to remodel an existing chair by adding in your own height extensions, you are left with only one other choice. This is to find the longest zero gravity chairs you can.

My #1 recommendation

XL Zero™ Tall Zero Gravity Chair

*31.5″ Tall Backrest
69″ Full Recline Length
350 lb Capacity
600 Denier PVC Heavy Duty Mesh
Reinforced 6/7″ Diameter Powder Coated Steel


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Here are some things to look for when buying a zero gravity chair

It can be difficult to find a zero gravity chair, as opposed to one that is easy to purchase. beach chair Or camping chair As a tall person. Because the chair design follows an arc-like pattern, this is why it’s so popular with tall people. There are some key signs that will help you to determine whether the chair is appropriate for your height.

  • The height of the backrest. The backrest height should be greater for tall people. However, some people have more legs than others. A taller backrest might not be appropriate. In most cases, however, a backrest should not be less than 28 inches in height.
  • Seat depth. This is important for anyone with longer legs, even if they are tall. A deeper seat allows you to push your backside back further, which gives you more space for your legs and feet to dangle.
  • The total length of the zero gravity chair. The chair’s overall length when reclined is not always stated on all chairs. The chair’s wave-like design is important to remember. The length of your actual hair will be shorter than the height. When standing straight up. If you are unsure of the length, lie on your back and place your body in zero gravity. Have a friend measure from your top to your toes. This will allow you to measure shorter than your height.
  • Piggyback off other tall people’s experience. Look out for reviews and comments from customers where they mention how big the chair is.

Quick Comparison


Although it’s not the longest zero gravity chair, the XL Zero Tall edition is a great suit for tall people. It’s one of those products that offers quite a few add on features that makes it good value for money.

I found the XL zero tall to be moderately expensive considering how costly some of these chairs can get. It’s amazing to me that people charge $120-$150 for a basic chair. So with that said, let’s have a look at a few of the key features that this reclining lounger offers.

69″ Reclined Length With Tall Backrest

This chair is suitable to people over 6 feet due to its 69 inch recline. I would say at about 6’4″ you would want to consider the more expensive Timber Ridge model listed below as it is 3 inches longer.

What I like most about the XL Zero Tall, however, is its taller backrest. It measures 31.5″ giving you more space for your neck and head to rest. You may find it uncomfortable to rest your head on a steel bar running along the top edge of zero gravity chairs that have shorter backrests.

Extra Long Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chair for Big and Tall People

This chair has a longer canvas and a reinforced frame that can support larger people, up to 350 pounds. This is achieved by the fact the steel tubing has been thickened to 6/7″ in diameter, giving it a more heavy-duty frame.

600-denier pvc mesh is used to reinforce the canvas. This mesh is perfect for heavier people, as it is thicker/stronger than the canvas and also allows air circulation around your back thanks to the tiny mesh holes.

These Additions make this chair a great value for money

This chair is great for tall and big people. However, the extra cost is what makes it stand out. I’m a huge fan of value for money so I was immediately drawn to the chair’s inclusions.

  1. Attachable side table that can hold two drinks, a smartphone or tablet.
  2. The canopy can be adjusted to provide sun protection for your face. This canopy is perfect for camping and outdoor patios.
  3. Adjustable and removable lumbar cushions or pillows
  4. The finger loop locks are the dual locking mechanism. I find this much easier than other mechanisms.
  5. Rubber grips on the base of the sleigh legs so that the chair doesn’t move around on hard surfaces. Rubber grips protect hardwood floors from scratches and dents better than other types of chair legs.
  6. Available in either an ash grey or beige color.

XL Zero™ Tall Zero Gravity Reclining Chair


The longest zero gravity chair for tall people

Best Zero Gravity Chair For Tall Persons

Depending on your height, the Timber Ridge XL Oversize Zero Gravity Chair is the right choice for you. It’s size appropriate while also being very comfortable due to the thick full foam padding inserts inside the seat and backrest.

How does it measure up?

  • The length of the Timber Ridge when in zero gravity is 72 inches. This is 6 feet. However, if you lie in this position, your body height will be reduced as your knees and legs raise slightly.
  • Decent size 29-inch backrest (28.9″) to allow the head to rest nicely on the padded pillow.
  • Standard chairs have a 21.3 inch leg rest. This is about 3 to 6 inches longer than the standard chair. Most people will find it long enough to lay comfortably in. But, for those who are extremely tall, the bar may be too high.
  • The seat has a large 22-inch depth, which allows tall people to sit back in the seat for maximum legroom.

But, is it a good zero gravity Chair?

If comfort in the form of padding while in the most comfortable position (Zero gravity) excites you, then you’re in for a treat. For the ultimate feeling of being in empty space, the thick foam padding surrounds the polyester fabric. It is ideal for people with larger frames and back pain.

It also functions as a lumbar support. It’s attached to the chair and simply slides up or down so you can position it exactly where you need the support in your back. This is the ultimate way to achieve zero gravity. If you don’t like the pillow, simply take it off.

It is easy to slip into zero gravity. Simply turn the switch under the premium wooden armrests down. This will allow the chair to glide into place. Once you’re satisfied with the recline, flip the switch up to lock it in place.

The Timber Ridge chair is a high-quality one. Because of the high-quality materials and 350 lbs weight, it is slightly more expensive. The maximum user height I would recommend is 6’6″ tall. Your feet might still extend a little beyond the bar at this height. But you can use the bar to rest the soles of your feet on while you’re in the zero gravity position.

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge chair Oversize XL


Take a closer look at the Timber Ridge


Caravan Sports Infinity is a classic and still a top-quality product. The oversized zero gravity chairs are a great relaxation area for those over 6 feet tall.

The Caravan Sports zero gravity chair is well-respected for its durability and strength. It is suitable for people over 6′ tall, even though it is not the longest.

If you are taller than that, your feet will need to rest on the bar. You can also hang your heels above the bar. However, this can make it uncomfortable. You can also rest your feet by using a pillow or hollow pool noodles to place above the bar.

All important measurements

  • The seat measures in at 25.8 inches. This allows taller people to position themselves slightly on the canvas in order to get more length from the chair.
  • Amazing 31 inch tall backrest. If you are taller than your upper half, this chair will be able to accommodate you.
  • The seat sits 14.5 inches off the ground. It is a little too low for some people, but not as low than a camping or beach chair.
  • 18 lb.

It’s The Ultimate Outdoors Chair

The fact that the Caravan Sports zero gravity chair was designed for outdoor use is what makes it so beloved. Most other chairs are not designed for outdoor use. So in a week’s time, you may get a nice little surprise form on the frame. Rust!.

The caravan sports are made of rust-resistant, powder-coated steel. They also use durable outdoor textaline. So it won’t rot nor will it rust. Ideal for camping trips or taking to the beaches. It is also wider and more comfortable than the standard zero gravity chair.

Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair


XL Oversize Zero Gravity chair

XL Oversize Zero Gravity Chair

Portal’s design is amazing. Although it is not a very well-known design, this chair has made its way into my top five favorite chairs. Why?. It offers zero gravity and my favorite type of seating. This mesh backing is my favorite.

Because it allows air circulation between the chair’s back and your body, mesh backing is one of the most breathable. Mesh backing is essential if you sweat as much as I do.

The Portal chair provides maximum comfort with a padded seat, leg rest and section. This zero gravity chair is breathable and comfortable, making it my favourite.

Is this Zero Gravity Position Chair suitable for tall people?

While it’s not as long as the Timber Ridge mentioned at the top, it’s still quite a long chair. From the top of the headrest bars to the bar where you place your foot is measured, it measures 69 inches. That’s just over 6 feet. You can still slide into this chair if your body is in the zero gravity position.


  • The seat padding measures 20.5 inches in width, while the distance between the arms (tubing), is just over 23.
  • The backrest measures just 29 inches high.
  • 19.5″ long leg rest.
  • 22-inch deep seat.
  • Huge 350-pound weight capacity.

Overall Review

The Portal is an oversized zero gravity chair that’s high quality and suitable for tall people who want the best qualities in a chair. The Portal has a removable, adjustable pillow, a folding sidetable with cup holder, as well as an easy-to use locking mechanism.

The chair’s wooden arms complement the mesh backing and padded seating design with a touch more class. It feels and looks like a high quality chair.

The only thing that may be of concern (provided you are not too tall) is that it’s not a 100% outdoor chair. While the powder-coated durable iron alloy is protected from the elements, the padded cushion shouldn’t be exposed to consistent bad weather. This could cause the material’s shelf life to be shorter and may lead to its discoloration. So if you don’t mind putting the chair undercover during rainy days and want a super comfortable yet premium chair, give Portal a chance.

PORTAL Oversize Zero Gravity Reclining Chair


Perfect Patio Chairs: Zero Gravity chairs

What are you waiting for? These chairs are ideal for patio chairs due to the level of relaxation they provide. Many people use a zero gravity seat as part of their everyday living space. outdoor furniture set. It’s the most frequently used chair on the deck, I know that I do.

However, I understand that you may not have the space for outdoor entertaining. These alternatives might work. Tall patio chairs It is an excellent alternative.


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