Water Buffalo Hydration Pack Review

Are you curious to find out if the Water Buffalo Hydration Pack is right for your needs? This is the place for you. This Water Buffalo backpack review has taken us many hours to research so you don’t have to. We’ll cover all the features and benefits as well as actual customer experiences, both positive and negative. Below is a sample.

Water Buffalo Hydration Pack Reviews

Because it is designed for endurance athletes, this particular pack is known as the road runner. Continue reading if your passion is running, mountain biking, hiking, or running.

These activities call for lots of cool water. The backpack cools water for up to five hours. The backpack can hold up to 5 liters or 70 oz of liquid. BPA-free bladder means that there are no harmful chemicals in your drink.

Ventilated shoulder and chest straps allow air to flow through, making you more comfortable and cooler. This will make it easier to take your pack with you on longer trips.

Safety is assured by the reflective luminescent strips on the backpack. These reflective strips are brightly lit and make you visible even after the sun sets. You will be easier to spot by other mountain bikers, hikers and drivers, preventing accidents.

Water Buffalo’s backpack is lightweight and slim. After you have been wearing it you won’t even notice that it is on your back. It’s lightweight because it’s made of ripstop nylon, which is light and not bulky.

The Road Runner provides on-the-go access to water so you can easily get a drink. The Oasis hydration tube keeps water in and contaminants away. The Oasis hydration hose has a quick connector port and shut-off valve that prevents leakage.

You can use the push-pull connector to the hose for a quick sip. The hose can be fastened to your shoulder with a clip. The dust cover protects the bite valve from dirt, grit and bacteria.

This pack can hold everything you need. It has a main compartment, an inner sleeve and exterior pockets. The main pocket can hold the bladder for 2 liters, while the inner sleeve is suitable for smaller items.

The exterior pocket can be used to store a light jacket, sunscreen, energy bars or maps. Exterior bungee straps allow for attachments as well as exterior storage. You can store your keys, wallet or phone in the gear pockets.

The ripstop nylon fabric is waterproof, making it a favorite of mountain bikers. The ripstop nylon will protect your gear from rain, mud splashes and wet trails. The chest straps offer optimal weight distribution, control, and control while riding.

Water Buffalo Hydration Pack Road Runner Tips

1. To make a drink, turn the orange end of the mouthpiece counterclockwise until the valve opens. Next, bite down on the blue tip and suck the water like a straw.

2. Make sure the chest strap is not positioned backwards. The chest strap may slip if you tighten it too tightly.

3. This pack is suitable for children from 8 to 14 years of age.

4. Two ways are best to dry your water bladder. The first step is to empty the bladder and hose, then place them in a freezer. It will thaw once you have taken it out of the freezer.

Next, separate the bladder and backpack. Open the bladder, then hang it upside down to evaporate all water.

5. This pack is made to hold a 2-liter bladder. It is too small to hold a 2.5- or 3-liter bladder.

6. Pull out the rubber tip if you are having trouble getting water. Take a bite out of the end that you’re drinking from.

7. No matter how full or empty your bladder is, you can still drink water from it. You don’t need to empty your bladder to get water.

8. To add water to your dog’s water bowl just twist the mouthpiece and pour the water into the dog bowl.

9. You can clean your drinking tube by boiling it in water. To kill more germs, you can also place it in the freezer.

10. While most people place water in their bladders, you can also add other beverages. Drinks that are not water may be absorbed into your bladder. It may then taste similar to the original drink when water is put back in.

11. Put the bladder in an insulation sleeve to keep it colder. Also, you can put an ice cube inside the bladder.

12. Although the Road Runner has no waist strap, if the shoulder strap and chest strap are adjusted tight enough, the pack will not bounce off the tun.

13. It is best to keep electronics in a plastic bag when running in Spartan races. Although the pack is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. The backpack can be submerged for a few seconds.

14. To keep the water cooler for longer. The bladder can be frozen. The bladder should only be frozen when it is full. You should lay the bladder flat so that it can expand as it freezes.

15. Clean the tube by disconnecting it from the reservoir. Then, use vinegar or baking soda along with water to clean it. You can push the blockages out with a long pipecleaner if the mixture doesn’t get through the tube.

16. One main zippered compartment is available for the bladder. There is one velcro pouch in the front. The main compartment has a flap pocket that is similar to a laptop holder.

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Recommendations for Water Buffalo Backpack


This person uses the Colorado pack to snowboard in Colorado. He claimed that he fell several times and that the water bladder held its position well. He liked the storage because it was convenient for his sunglasses and snacks as well as gloves.

Mountain biking

This pack was purchased by a rider for mountain biking in Arizona. He stated that he was looking for a backpack that was comfortable and easy to carry on his 20-mile mountain bike ride. He liked that the nozzle was easy for him to drink from and lock during riding.

This saved him a lot of time since he didn’t need to stop to change his bladder. The Road Runner’s performance and functionality impressed him. He explained that he had added an ice cube to his bladder so that his water would stay cool during the entire ride.


He explained that he was having problems with the pack and that customer service had resolved it in a matter of minutes. He said that they went above and beyond to improve things. He believes that customer service is excellent for the product.

The pack was very comfortable for him and the straps were well adjusted. The pack is stable and can store all his items without bouncing around. It holds enough water to last him for an entire run, and the lock features are great. The design is also pleasing to him.

Multiple activities

This woman is a huge fan of the Water Buffalo Road Runner. It’s easy to fill the bladder, she says. Her keys and clothing can all fit in her pockets.

The pack is used 4 to 5 days per week by the mother. She finds the pack durable and can withstand many weather conditions. It is easy to get a drink and it keeps the water cool for a long period of time.

A 12 year old son

This pack was purchased by the Mom for her 12-year-old son. According to her, the bladder can hold enough water for her son for at least two hours. The bladder is used to take the boy camping and for light hiking. The bladder can also be used to transport snacks and other small items.

She says that the straps adjust to fit her husband (6’1″, 200 lbs). It can be used whenever he wants. She also explains that this pack is a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a backpack.


The pack is used by this guy as an outdoor educator. Because it makes cleaning much easier and more efficient, he likes the tube that can be removed at both ends. He particularly likes the storage compartments. They are extremely useful.

The space between his inner bladder and the seat is where he keeps his keys, wallet, and keys. He can fit his poncho and an emergency blanket in the small space. In the velcro pocket, he keeps his first aid kit and snack bars. Finally, he uses the zip to attach his microfiber towel.

Loves the hose

According to him, the pack is both stylish and very comfortable. He loves the hose the most. Because he had problems with the Camelbak’s Camelbak hose, he loves it most. He advises that you make sure the hose is snug. This hose can be disconnected, he didn’t know.

He loves the pockets and how the straps can be adjusted for him. He was able to personalize the length and chest. He shared one tip. Register your pack to receive a large water bottle from Water Buffalo.

Good storage

According to the woman, the pack is great value for the money. Because it had a larger bladder, she purchased this pack. It allows her to carry her purse, mask, keys, and even her car keys while hiking. She also has a small bowl for her dog and a water bottle for her dogs.

It is easy to use and comfortable to wear, she says. It was difficult to dry the bladder. She couldn’t find the hole to allow the mouthpiece through the backpack. It just sticks out from the backpack zipper opening.

Water remains cool

This man is a cross-country mountain biker. He rode 24 miles, but ran out of water. He was so grateful for the Road Runner. He claims that he was able ride 30 miles the first time he used his pack.

The pack is lightweight and easy to store. He loves the two tubing clips that are located on either side of the shoulder strap. He rode in Texas with temperatures of 90+ degrees and the water was cool.

He explained how to get the most flow by turning the mouth piece to your left. If you drink, make sure to blow the water back into your bladder. Otherwise the tube will heat up.

Review of Bad Experiences with the Water Buffalo Hydration Package

First, the person said that the valve that opens the mouthpiece and closes it was too small and difficult for them to operate. This valve has a small lip that swivels open/closed, it cracked. If you hold the straw lower than the backpack, water will seep out from the bladder.

The next person requested a black pack but he was able to get a blue pack when it arrived. He claims that his side hose clip was missing and that he keeps getting hit by the hose every time he runs. Next, the bladder began to leak water down his back. He now uses the pack to hold his water bottles.

Third person said that the drink tasted like plastic every time she drank it. It tastes just like plastic even though she tried washing it with soapy water. She wondered if the product is BPA-free. The pack works perfectly, except that the water tastes terrible.

According to the last person, this Road Runner Water Buffalo Pack is stiff when he opens it. When he wears it, it feels like a board on the back. The straps are too large and dig into his shoulders.

The water bladder is not able to fit in the compartment. To prevent the pack from bouncing, tighten the straps. The pack will bounce a lot if you loosen its straps.

These bad experiences don’t happen often. Even though products have high ratings, they still get poor ratings. In the spirit of full disclosure, I believe it is important to inform you about them. Don’t let them discourage you, this backpack is highly recommended.

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