Young cyclists embark on an environmental journey


The 5 bike rides are a challenge for the young cyclists who are on a journey to environmental change.

It’s not every day that cyclists are able to use their passion for the sport to help save the planet. In the first-ever bike ride over land or sea, a group of five young British cyclists will attempt to do exactly this.

Pedal4Parks consists of five eco-conscious friends who live in cities and are attempting to raise awareness about the changing nature and value of natural parks and green spaces.

Isaac Kenyon, a member of the Atlantic Discovery Team, successfully rowed the Atlantic in The Talikar Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. This young group will cycle nearly the entire length of the UK to raise awareness of the negative effects of human interference on green spaces.

Documenting Human Impact on Natural Spaces

They will begin their endurance challenge this month. This will allow them to simultaneously investigate and document how humans are destroying wildlife and green spaces in the UK and explain the negative effects on human health.

They will be able to visit green spaces and interview experts about conservation and regeneration efforts for conserving national parks and green areas. The final result will be a documentary about the team’s journey, which will support the National Park UK Foundation Protectors Fund. The film will include footage from the trip, expert interviews, and insight into how humans have an impact on green spaces in the UK. The film will also promote regenerative projects in the UK’s most protected areas, such as the national parks.

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Isaac Kenyon, leader of the team, explained how the idea came about:

“During the multiple lockdowns we have all experienced, time outdoors in green spaces has become precious to many of us, with tangible benefits for our physical and mental health. We have never had a greater appreciation for nature than we do today. There may be a vaccine for COVID-19, but there is not one for climate change”.


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The never-attempted cycling journey will be a world-first, piggybacking on the traditional John O’Groats to Land’s End cycle ride across the UK. The team will combine overwater and water biking, allowing them to cycle across seas. The water bikes will allow the team to visit the Orkney Islands and Scilly Isles as part their journey.

The entire trip is expected to take them two weeks (18th June 2021 – 2nd July 2021), seeing the team cycle for up to 100 miles a day with the on-land portion to be completed on eco-friendly, hand-built bamboo cycles. The team will attempt to climb Mount Everest twice as high.

A journey to support an environmental cause

Kenyon explained to him that although the UK’s national parks are protected on a national basis, funding for conservation or regeneration is not required to be done in an uniform manner across all national parks. This can result in different levels of preservation throughout the UK. The overall question the group’s journey and the subsequent film will seek to answer is: How can the UK regenerate National Parks at a scale that is achievable?

Pedal4parks’ unique story and eco-conscious message has earned them a lot of support from a variety of sectors. This includes clothing brands such as Columbia, food companies like Clif Bar, automobile maker Volvo, as well as green-focused energy companies like The Switch. These supporters and many, many more are all working in support of Pedal4Parks’ green initiative, which has been brought to the main stage thanks to an eco-conscious group of young friends and their unique cycling proposition.

Is there a way that I can take part?

You can also follow the journey in many ways. A ride-along virtual event will be hosted by the group at the same moment they are finishing their own event. Participants can join teams and run, walk, or cycle the entire distance between the Orkney Islands and the Isles of Scilly using their own route. There is a £10 entry fee per person, which can be donated through Their gofundme Page.

In addition to the documentary, you will be able to follow along with the Pedal4Parks Podcast. “Mind the Green Space”This podcast focuses on the importance of talking about mental health and how green spaces could help people with mental problems. The podcast can be found on Spotify, Anchor FM and Apple Podcasts. Visit this website for more information You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Alex Wilson is an advisor for TheSwitchThe website is dedicated to helping families go green by providing information and resources on renewable energy. To help spread the message, Pedal4Parks has partnered with TheSwitch. For more information, please contact Selectra group.

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