Raleigh Stuntman Bike Review – Worth Buying?


Raleigh is one the most respected bike companies.

They started making road bikes but have now shifted production to adventure bikes.

They have also designed the Raleigh stuntman This bike is unique and fits in between the adventure and monster category of bikes.

Raleigh started building bicycles back in 1987. The firm has expanded its product line to include road, mountain, cross and hybrid bikes as well as comfort, cruise, kids, and cruise bicycles.

This company is well-known for using cutting-edge materials and design to guarantee the highest quality rides every time.

What is Raleigh offering?

Raleigh makes bicycles for people of different sizes (tall and not).

Their bicycles are made of a variety of materials, including aluminum, lightweight carbon fibre composite frames, and stainless steel.

This company offers women-specific bikes. These bicycles are specifically designed for women.

I have to say that this is some form of innovation when you compare Raleigh’s to other companies on the bike market. It is rare for companies in the same segment to consider focusing on women’s needs.

This is definitely not Raleigh’s philosophy. They want men and women to ride their bikes and make sure everyone knows.

What are the main features of the stuntman bike?

The Raleigh stuntman It is a backcountry bike that can be used to climb up and down mountain passes on bike packing trips or for testing limits on uncharted trails.

This bike’s frame delivers legendary, smooth rides.

It features mechanical disc brakes that provide great stopping power during inclement weather, as well as front and rear hubs that make for more responsive riding.

Your stunts will be supported by the Reynolds steel and full-alloy fork.

The Raleigh stuntman Uses a Reynolds 631 butted chloroly tubing. It is able to adjust tire clearance using the old-fashioned method of long chainstays. Its creativity is limited by its long wheelbase and relaxed posture.

The stuntman was created to only be used with one chainring drivetrain.

External routing is used to route the single gear cable of the Raleigh Stuntman.

You will notice that the cable does not run from the shifter to the rear derailleur, but is instead hidden beneath the down tube. Raleigh saves time by internalizing the rear brake cables.

Raleigh Stuntman stem: Kalloy 3D unit Available in lengths of 90 mm to 100 mm and 110 cm.

You can choose from a 40 cm, 42cm, or 44cm handlebar.

The integrated cartridge bearing headset holds the entire aluminum fork onto the track. To connect to the seatpost, the dropper post cables can be found under the bottom bracket.

The Raleigh’s classic road saddle is made of leather and has a stainless-steel rack at its top. It measures 27.33 mm in circumference.

What I’d say is that the bike is not for average riders but for people who are willing to test their limits in the rough trails and wilderness.

The geometry is more mountain than road, particularly when compared with modern long and slack trails bikes.

How to mount the bike

This is how to assemble your Raleigh Stuntman bicycle:

You will first need these tools.

  • A multi-tool featuring a 6mm hexkey and a smaller hexkey for small and minor adjustments.
  • A standard-sized Philips head screwdriver with an adjustable wrench and scissors.

Check that you have located all of the items on the set. Return the bike immediately if something is missing. Raleigh has a very strict quality control system, so this is unlikely.

When you’re done checking that you have all of the parts, carefully pull the bike out of the box.

The safety cups that are around the bike should be removed. If the handlebars are caught, you can rotate them clockwise and anti-clockwise to untangle.

Now you can tighten each pedal on one side, making sure the screws and base are secure.

Here are more details about how to unpack and mount your bike

To put the front tires on, remove the safety stand located at the bottom.

Proceed to locate the appropriate screw for the front brake. It is a silver cap connected to the silver wire on right side.

Once you find it, loosen the cap gently so that there is enough room for the tire to slide on.

Continue to unscrew the bolts on the front tire. Slide them onto the front fork. Next, pull the brake pads off the ground and slide the fork onto your tire.

After you’re done, tighten the nuts on the front tire. Next adjust the front brake pads. Pull the silver wire tight to secure them. You can then tighten up the screw and use an adjustable wrench to tighten them.

To tighten the handlebars, slide the front reflector lamp onto the handlebar. Then slide the handlebars onto the bike’s body.

Adjust it if it becomes stuck. Make sure the rotating screw is at the bottom of your handlebar. Slide it into place and tighten it with a wrench.

Use the 5 mm Hex Key to adjust the screw at top of brake levers. Rotate them around and then set them in their place.

Final mounting steps

When using the handlebars, ensure they are straight and comfortable. Both the front and back handbrakes should be tested to ensure they are working properly.

Next, slide the light reflector onto the seatpost and screw it in.

Raleigh Stuntman bike overview

  • Frame – Reynolds 631 Chromoly Custom Butted, Post Mount Disc, 142×12 thru axle Tapered HT
  • Fork – Alloy SPF Blades, Alloy Taper Steer w/ post-Mount Disc, Internal brake routing 15 mm Thru axle
  • Wheels – Weinmann U28TL, 32h Double Wall, 28 mm Wide
  • Front Hubs – Novatec 15 mm Alloy Sealed Bearing, Disc 32h
  • Rear Hubs – Novatec x12 Alloy Sealed Bearing, Cassette, Disc 32h
  • Spokes – 14/15g Stainless Butted MAC w/Brass Nipples
  • Tires – Clement X’PLOR LZY Tubeless, Folding 700x50c
  • Crankset – Sammox, Forged Alloy 2pc
  • Chainrings- 40t
  • Shifters – SRAM Force Hydro Road Disc
  • Handlebars – Raleigh 200 series 31.8 with 16-degree flair
  • Brake levers – SRAM Force Hydro Road Disc
  • Brakes – SRAM Force Hydro Road Disc, w /160 mm Rotors
  • Saddle – Raleigh Classic Road Saddle, Leather w, Stainless Steel Rails
  • Seat Post – Raleigh Dropper Post, Alloy Dual Bolt 27.2mm w/Internal Routing 65-80mm Drop
  • Brand – Raleigh
  • Pros – Dropper seat position that allows you to change your position
  • Cons – The bicycle can be quite heavy
  • Summary – It is an excellent bike for adventure routines


Who was the Raleigh Stuntman designed for?

  • Raleigh stuntman was designed for extreme situations such as gravel and road.
  • These tires are ideal for individuals because they can be inflated to a higher height.

Raleigh Stuntman: Features Benefits


Flared bars, a dropper pin for technical riding and a low bottom bracket provide stability. It features a Reynolds 631 stainless steel fork and a full alloy fork. It provides the foundation for the fenders and dropper posts, bottle cages, racks, and also smoothens road vibrations.

The geometry is low with an 8.25 cm below the ground. It also has a large volume of tires that can be used for increased height. A 105 is contained in the 50mm fork rake, 50 cm top tube and 105 in the 50cm top tube. 8cm wheelbase.

It measures 56 cm in length and features a 605 mm stack height and 385mm reach.


The rider drop-bar comfort zone can be enhanced with the addition of the dropper post or fat rubber.

It comes with an SRAM Rival 1 clutch rear derailleur. This allows it to shift through the Apex level 11–42 cassette effortlessly, but the hanger is not replaceable.

If you look at it closely, you’ll see that it provides excellent gearing in the unloaded pavement or dirt riding.

The chainring is also generically narrow-wide and helps to keep the chain in position. It also provides a tall gearing that can be used by stunt performers.

The dropper post has a 65-80 mm adjustment range and an internal routed cable with a lever located on the left side. This drop port is suitable for technical riding as well as high-speed cornering.

Raleigh Stuntman Bicycle: The Pros and Con


  • It has a drivetrain that improves the bike’s performance
  • Raleigh stuntman uses tubeless tires that increase volume to be able handle the ground well
  • This bike is great for tough and rough terrains
  • It has a steel frame which provides stability for handling in tough conditions
  • A drop post is included that allows for high-speed cornering


  • The Raleigh Stuntman’s rubber does not grip well in slippery conditions
  • It has a long wheelbase, making navigation difficult
  • It has longer chainstays, making it difficult to do stunts.

Raleigh Stuntman Specifics at a Glance

  • Weight – 26.54pounds without pedals and 16.38 pounds without wheels
  • Tires – Clement MSO X” Plor 50c
  • Seat- Raleigh Classic Road Saddle in Leather w/Stainless Steel Rails
  • Bar Tape – Raleigh Leather Bar Tape
  • Handlebars – Raleigh 200 series 31.8 with 16 Degree Flare, 42cm
  • Brake levers – SRAM Rival Hydro Road Disc w/160mm Rotors
  • Rims – Weinmann U28TL, 32h Double Wall, 28 mm wide
  • Chain- SRAM PC-1130 11spd
  • Shifters- SRAM Rival Hydro Road Disc
  • Frame – Reynolds 631 Chromoly Custom Butted, Post Mount Disc, 142×12 Thru Axle Tapered HT
  • Headset – Integrated Cartridge Bearings
  • Spokes – 14/15g Butted MAC w/Brass nipples
  • Crankset – Sammox, Forged Alloy 2pc

Final Verdict: Raleigh Stuntman Bike

Raleigh Stuntman bikes are a great companion for those who enjoy riding in dangerous terrains. This bike is adventure-oriented and available in various sizes to meet the needs of all customers.


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