Isaac Kenyon – Founder of Pedal 4 Parks


Isaac Kenyon’s Biography:

Isaac Kenyon is the founder of Pedal 4 Parks, the team’s campaign lead, producer of the film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land” and an endurance athlete.

Isaac hails from Luton, where as a child, thanks to little access to safe outdoor green spaces and lack of educational resources at his school, he didn’t have an easy entry to adventurism.

Isaac spent a lot of his childhood indoors. He would swim in an indoor pool at school, at home, or at home. Isaac discovered the outdoors only after university, when he had easy access to lots of green spaces.

He was completely immersed and has not looked back. Isaac, who was just 20 years old when the Duke of Edinburgh award was created, earned Silver along with his degree.

Isaac completed a Geoscience degree and has been an outdoor ambassador and adventurer since then. He works with Scouts/schools in low-income communities to inspire them to connect with the outdoors and nature.

Previous challenges include a swim across England’s Channel, Mt. Kilimanjaro Summit, Three Peaks Challenge twice, and an unsupported row across Atlantic ocean.

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