Alex Egan – Team member of Pedal 4 Parks


Alex Egan’s Biography:

Alex Egan is the team’s Head of partnerships and also has experience as an endurance athlete. Alex is excited about the challenge as he explains it’s all about the journey for him.

Like many, he shares that he has been carrying around the maximum for a few years now, and this journey is a great reminder for him to be less fixated on the ‘destination’ and more mindfully present for all of the magical little things that happen along the way.

Alex explains that another major reason for undertaking the challenge is that health & wellbeing are intrinsically linked with how we interact with our environment and green spaces, and this is under threat due to human impact.

Alex sees the trip as more than an expedition.

It is proud of its vision, values, and purpose.

It promises adventure on land and at sea, as well as close relationships with people and the team. Here’s to now!

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