How I Use My Phone as A Bike Computer – It Works!

Serious cyclists need to keep track of their performances on each ride. You might be wondering why anyone would use a smartphone as a bike computer.

Sometimes things get worse when you only have one choice: to use your phone as a bike computer to track speed, cadence, distance, and other metrics.

If you are looking for the answer to ‘How do I use my phone to make a bicycle computer from my phone??’, then keep on reading this guide to find in-depth instructions. Plus, I’ll mention the limitations which you might face when trying this technique. Continue reading to the end.

To Make Phone as A Bike Computer – Follow 4 Steps!

The best Garmin watch is used for bicycling. It can be used as a computer to locate maps and other details. It can be confusing when done using a smartphone.

If you are thinking in your mind ‘Can I use my cell phone as a bicycle computer?’, it’s possible with an android or iOS set. To perform like a bicycle computer, a phone must have stability and high RAM. These steps will help you use it correctly.

1. Buy A Mounting Accessory 

First, confirm that the accessory will attach to your bike frame. The following is an example: Lamicall Phone Holder Mount It ensures stability and safety. A waterproof phone holder might also be useful.

Once you’ve found the right accessory for your bike, attach it to the frame. Here’s the direction in case you don’t know:

  • Remove the big nut from the clip and attach it.
  • Place it in the correct place on your bike frame.
  • Turn the phone holder so that you can see clearly.

2. Get a specific app for your phone

Next, install a few apps to your phone. turn your phone into a bike computer. To find the right app for you, just try them all.

  • iOS users have the ability to download Strava and MapMyRide apps, Wahoo (best overall), Trailforks, etc.
  • Android users should download apps such as Jepstar, Bike Tracker and Bike Computer, CycleDroid or Ride With GPS. 

These apps may not offer the same tracking capabilities as the GPS computer with maps best But they will all work. You can choose one app depending on the configuration of your phone. 

3. Run the App 

Now, it’s time to open the app which you have downloaded just now. Remember the apps won’t function smoothly if the phone has low processing skills.

After you have launched the app, many apps will show a slide that says to start bar. For example, the Bike Tracker app contains 3 bottom bars (Tracker, Map, & History) and on the top section, it has a start bar.

Once you have pressed the button, you can start pedaling to track your Calories, Distance, Speed, Speed, Altitude, and Duration.  

4. You can try it!

Finally, make sure to check whether the phone is tracking well or not. To avoid low battery life, I recommend you purchase a powerbank.

The Pxwaxpy Portable Power Bank This is an excellent option, with 30,800mAh power. Mount the accessory and you can continue riding. 

What are the limitations of using a smartphone as a bicycle computer?

You can still use your smartphone to ride your bike, thanks to the bike computer app for phoneIt will still leave you disappointed. These include:

  1. Although the phone has transflective LCDs, you may have difficulty reading the information.
  2. Due to the battery being lower than a bike computer, it might only run for a few hours when using GPS navigation apps. Meaning the phone won’t go further (until you use a backup power bank).
  3. Can’t take pictures or record anything good.
  4. The touch screen can be activated in harsh weather and your fingerprints may be left even though you’re wearing gloves. In urgent situations, this can cause issues with the phone’s responsiveness.
  5. Most smartphones don’t have an ANT+ sensor which is one of the precise tracking software for cyclists. The phone may not be able to track distances, calories and other details as well as a bike computer.
  6. It is difficult to make calls when the phone mounts to the accessory.
  7. Notification interruptions may be a problem with your phone. This is quite the opposite of what happens with the bike computer.
  8. To use the power bank, you will need a charger port. This basically means that you will have to pay more for the power bank than for a bike computer.

Take a bow

Despite the fact that it isn’t the best solution for your ultimate tracking, the above technique will work to provide common monitoring data.  

We hope you’re not asking How can I use my smartphone as a bicycle computer? Now, I have provided detailed instructions for each step. Keep calm and continue to ride. Good Luck!

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