Trekking poles for tall people

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You will find the best trekking sticks for tall people below. These include the most suitable poles for very tall people. A set that is appropriate for your height is the best decision you can make. Hiking poles are essential for stability and support as you traverse all types of terrains.

You can find the exact size trekking poles and 5 best options for people over 6ft. Following is some general information to help determine which trekking poles are most suitable for you and your experience.

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Comparison of Height in a Quick Moment

Features Size Prices
Aluminum poles with tungsten-steel tip, 8″ suspension and 9.9lbs resistance, 11.8 oz. 45″ – 61″ Amazon Price Check
Lightweight aluminum, Easy lock telescopic, Foam Grip, Weighs 10.80oz 29″ – 60″ Amazon Price Check
4 Stage Control Shock Technology, foam fingers with 360 degree wrist strap, light aluminum weighing 1lb. 4 oz./pair 27″ – 55″ Check Amazon Price
Carbon fiber material is lightweight, each pole weighs 7.6oz. Cork handles are quick-lock and have extended foam underneath. 24″ – 55″ Amazon Price Check
3 sections telescoping design with quick flip lock, Aerometal pipes, Tungsten-cobalt-alloy tip, weighs 8.7oz each 25″ – 55″ Amazon Price Check


What Height Trekking Poles Are Best for Tall People?

It is essential to find the right trekking poles for you if your goal is to maintain balance and stability while on the trails. Even if you’re just using them for walking around the city, it is crucial to know what height you require.

You will need longer trekking poles if you are taller than you are. You should consider getting longer poles if you plan to climb up steep inclines. This will enable you to extend your pole for more reach and stability in difficult situations.

A minimum 49-inch height is required for those over 6 feet. People over 6’4″ will be looking for a pole at least 140cm  (55″). Poles that can be extended are best if you can adjust their height.

Not sure what size you need?

To get a good idea as to what size hiking poles you need for your height, there’s a simple calculation we use to determine the pole length.

This does require you to convert your feet into centimeters. You can simply google your height and convert it to cms. Once you have your height in cm’s, next you just multiply this number by .68 (68% of your height).

6 feet tall, for example, is 183cm. Now multiply that number by 0.68 = 124.44cm. This is the length of the ideal trekking pole in cms.

The Manual Method

A friend is the best way to determine how high trekking poles are needed. Simply have your arms by your side with your elbow as a 90° angle.

Measure your friend from the floor to the top your palm. This will help you determine the height of poles you require. If your legs are longer than normal, you can measure from the floor up to the top of your thumb.


Tallest Trekking Poles 61″

Tallest Trekking Poles 61"

Trekking is an excellent activity for many people. Unfortunately, their poles are not long enough to support their height. When the poles don’t provide the right amount of balance, it can make the experience all that much physically tolling.

When you’re quite the tall trekker, you will be in dire need of the tallest trekking poles to suit. The York Nordic trekking sticks are 61 inches long. Whether you’re on a trail or in the city, these poles can do wonders for the tall person.

Adjustable For Taller Hikers

They can adjust for up to a year. 45 inches to 61 inch. For some tall people, 61 inches may seem excessive at full stretch. It is possible to hike downhill and around steep inclines.

8-Inch Compression

York Nordic shock absorbers are the best. Because they compress 8 inches, these shock absorbers make it easier to trek over more difficult terrains. These shock absorbers can also be used to exercise as they provide 9.9lbs of resistance.

Higher resistance levels can burn calories more quickly, which could make it a crucial factor in your decision making process. They don’t need to burn extra calories while on the trail. However, the extra resistance might be compensated by the lightness of their poles.

A trekking pole must be durable as they are subject to a lot of stress. The durability of this trekking pole is high since it’s made out of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, which is extremely lightweight as mentioned earlier.

This combination of the aluminum’s lightweight feel and durability works really well with the tungsten steel tips.  This gives the performance an overall more solid and durable feel. It is ideal for times when things get tough.

A trekking pole that can handle the harsh trekking environment but also the city is something that I hold high praise for, as it means you don’t need multiple poles if you don’t have the cash to throw around. Rubber feet give this trekking pole extra stability on wet concrete sidewalks.

They can be used as a suspension device because they are so easy to use and provide a lot of suspension. Walking with a cane alternative.

York Nordic 45″ – 61″ Trekking Poles


Extra Tall Hiking Poles 60"

The Hammers HP1 is not the right pole for you if you prefer trekking poles that can be folded or used with the lever lock mechanism. Since it’s a telescopic trekking pole with 3 sectional components that extend from 29″ – 60″ in length. It twists and locks really easy and stays firm when it’s locked.

Telescopic items can be used by tall people. To get the extra reach whether it’s mopping the floor or using an extra-long broom with the help of telescopic poles. Their grip is prone to slippage. This Hammer HP1 has a good grip and is essential for hiking. Be sure to check that you have tightened the grip enough before beginning descents.

What The Hammers HP1 Offers

The Hammers trekking pole is more than just a trekking pole. Most trekking poles are just the poles. This isn’t the case with this trekking pole as it even includes the ability to mount a camera on the end of the pole.

These features transform this pole from a good trekking stick to an exceptional trekking pole. A thermometer and a compasses are also included, which is a great feature that any experienced trekker will appreciate. It’s the compass that I really like, but you can always leave it behind if extra weight is of concern to you.

When it comes to weight, lightweight aluminum has many benefits. It is also very durable. This combined with the spring-loaded shock absorber, which is designed to reduce joint stress, makes the Hammer HP1 an ideal trekking pole for tall trekkers.

Hammers HP1 Antishock Hiking Pole Up to 60″


For tall people, 140cm trekking poles

140cm Trekking Poles

These Black Diamond trekking sticks are stylish and extremely comfortable for hiking. These trekking poles offer great comfort and are a great choice for hiking. Two poles are included in the Trail Pro Shock set. They are 140cm trekking poles convert to a little over 55 inches.

They collapse to a length of 26 inches, making them compact and easy to transport.

A Pole For Each Hand

The way Black Diamond designed these trekking poles is one of the main reasons they are so comfortable. They designed the poles to be left and right specific so the poles are more comfortable as they’re designed for one hand only. Although some poles can be used for either hand, they are more comfortable when one is available. However, having poles set up like this can be annoying in times when you’re in a rush and end up with the poles in the wrong hands.

Lightweight aluminum makes this a great trekking pole, weighing in at 20.8 ounces. So portability with these trekking poles is really simple and won’t add to much overall weight to your hiking gear. It’s a minor thing, but it is something most hikers will appreciate.

The lock on a trekking pole is crucial as it can turn a quality pole into something that’s practically useless. This isn’t the case here as the metal flick locks are some of the best on the market in my opinion. These trekking poles are far more secure than weaker locks.

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles


Foxelli has done a great job with these trekking sticks. They are very comfortable and stable for tall people. Adjusting a trekking pole can be frustrating with some poles, but that’s not the case with these poles as they’re extremely easy to adjust.

They are equipped with a lock-and-latch system, which can be adjusted starting at 24″ to 55″ tall. This provides a lot of extension for people with different heights. It is especially helpful for taller people who can extend to 55 inches.

Excellent Grips For Greater Traction

A trekking pole’s handgrips are crucial. These poles feature a cork grip, which makes them more stable than other trekking poles on the market. The cork grip is a great addition. I sweat a lot and it absorbs sweat, making them easier to hold on to.

For those sudden changes in terrain, the grip extends to a foam handle underneath the cork. This gives you some flexibility on steep inclines or difficult crevices.

All Terrain carbon

One of the big differences between these Foxelli trekking poles compared to a lot of others is that they’re made out of carbon fiber. These poles are extremely durable and lightweight at just 7.6 ounces. They are easy to carry in your backpack or for use in difficult conditions.

These trekking poles can handle almost any terrain, and are equipped with additional features to help you deal with it. These all-terrain options include snow baskets, asphalt tips and mud buckets. This adds to the value of these trekking poles which are usually sold separately. You can even get a carry bag!

Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles


Top Entry-Level Tall Trekking Poles

Best Entry Level Tall Trekking Poles

If you’re only starting your journey into trekking and are looking for somewhere to start then these trekking poles by G2 Go2gether is a good place to start in my opinion. These poles have many features that will make your first trek much easier and prepare you for anything.

While I say they are the best entry-level trekking poles, there’s no reason a tall person can’t use them. They’re still high-quality poles with lots of extras. They can be extended from 22 to 55 inches using a telescopic grip. There is slightly more variation in the Foxelli poles than the one above.

The reason these are so good for a beginner is all the extra features it gives you that normally you’d have to go buy separately. These extra features can be used in many situations, including snow, mud and asphalt.

For those who like to take pictures when they’re out hiking, then these trekking poles have an extra feature that you’ll like. You can attach a camera to the pole, and you can set it up with the included smartphone holder to hold your phone so that you can take pictures. This is a nice extra feature that helps decrease the amount you’d need to take.

These trekking poles are made from aluminum, which gives them a lot more durability. So they’re very sturdy and can handle the times when you need to put that extra bit of pressure on them, which is something you do more than you sometimes realize.

Aluminum poles can be more sturdy or stiffy that carbon and are therefore more durable than carbon. These poles by Go Go2gether are made of Aerometal aluminum. This makes them a good choice for beginners.

G2 GO2GETHER Trekking Poles Telescopic


Tips to Choose the Best Trekking Pole for You

When it comes to trekking on rugged terrains and steep inclines, trekking poles are very useful. Beginners often think they’re just a simple stick so it doesn’t matter what trekking pole they decide to go with. This isn’t the case as there are a lot of trekking poles on the market which may not suit your individual needs.

Many poles have been designed to be able to handle tall people. Before you buy your first trekking pole, there are some things to remember.

Some of the things you’ll need to consider are things like what it’s made out of, how many poles do you need, what type of locking mechanism does it have, and does it come with shock absorbers?

These are great questions, as they all contribute to a high-quality trekking pole. Here are some features to be mindful of when choosing a trekking pole.



What are Trekking Poles Made Of?

Aluminum or carbon fiber are the most common materials used to make trekking poles. Both materials have their pros and disadvantages, but neither is better than the others. Since what suits you and your style of hiking may not suit someone else’s body type and level of trekking ability. What’s the difference between them?

Aluminum poles are the more common type of trekking pole you’ll come across in the world of hiking. They’re the cheaper of the two, but just because they’re cheaper, doesn’t mean they’re bad. They can withstand more strenuous treks because aluminum is stronger than carbon fiber.

Aluminum poles are also stronger and more durable that carbon. However they are heavier than carbon.

Carbon fiber is much lighter compared to aluminum so if you’re trying to keep the weight down, they’re a good option. They’re generally more expensive and not as durable as an aluminum trekking pole, which can put people off buying them. This is understandable up to a point, but it also depends on what trekking trails you choose and how fit and capable you are.

Do the Knee Test

Many hikers or trekkers use the Knee Test to compare trekking poles. This allows you to determine which pole is stronger and less likely to snap. However, this cannot be done in-store if you are comparing the poles.

You can also use the knee test to find out how well a Telescopic Pole will handle your body weight. To do the knee test, here’s what you have to do:

  1. You will need two trekking poles. One for each.
  2. Set the poles at a comfortable height. Use only the poles and your upper body power to pull yourself up.
  3. Compare how each pole bends under pressure, or perhaps even snaps in half.
  4. For telescopic poles, you can determine which one or both maintained their position and didn’t slip.
  5. Choose the pole that didn’t flex, snap or shift its height under the pressure forced on it.

Storing & Deploying The Poles

There are two other factors you should consider when purchasing trekking poles. How compact they are to store. 2. They are amazing at turning into full height.

1. Z folding trekking poles can be shorter than when stored, but they can still cause problems when attached to your gear. Telescopic poles, on the other hand, are usually longer when they’re shortened but will fit better in your backpack or suitcase for travel.

2. You don’t want to slow down your team while they wait for you to deploy their trekking poles. Z folding poles are incredibly easy to use. They can be easily whipped out and hang from a height that allows the rest to transform into its position. Simply hit the locks and you’re away to go if you left your desired height set on your last hike.

Telescopic poles are more complicated as you must tighten the two joints manually, then adjust the height to your height. You can’t save your preferred height with telescopic poles like you can with Z folding poles.

How Many Poles Should I Take?

This will depend on what type of trail you’re going to be tackling,  in my opinion. If you’re only going on a short hike then having just the one pole will work for most people.

Two poles are necessary if you plan to trek for a long distance. They help with weight balance, which is crucial on long trips. On steep descents, where balance is essential, a secondary pole can be invaluable. Especially if you’re tall as your center of gravity works against you on steep declines.

What Kind Of Lock?

Two types of trekking pole locks are available: twist locks on telescopic poles, and flick locks on Z folding poles. If you’re going to be trekking in the summer than a twist-lock is ideal and for the winter a flick lock will be the better choice.

Do You Need Shock Absorbers?

Although they are simple in design, shock absorbers play an important role in choosing trekking poles. The pole’s suspension was designed to reduce the contact pressure felt when you dig the pole into the soil.

Whether you have joint issues, sore knees, a bad back, etc I believe that the best trekking poles should also have the smoothest and softest shock absorbers as well, so they’re mandatory in my opinion.

There is a downside to trekking poles that have shocks. This is because you lose power on the climb and gain stability when you descend. Again, it all depends on what you want to do with your trail time.

Can you handle itTrekking Poles For A Tall Person

After determining the size trekking pole that you require for your height, you can now think about the handles. You may want to attach wrist straps to your pole. This will allow you to release some tension from your hands and distribute the pressure in your arms. This is the advantage of a wrist strap.

Which handle do you prefer: cork, synthetic rubber, or foam? Each handle has its pros and cons. The type of handle you choose will depend on how often you hike, how much you sweat and when you go trekking.

Cork handles offer the best benefits. They are less slippery than rubber handles, have a contoured shape that molds to your hands, and are lighter than rubber.

Synthetic rubber handles are much more durable than cork and have a great slip resistance. But they can irritate the skin from constant rubbing of rubber on your fingers. This is why gloves are necessary.

Foam handles are the most comfortable of the lot but are only ideal if the temperature is moderate and you don’t sweat much. Foam handles can be slippery, and it’s not worth the risk.

In conclusion

The wrong size and type of trekking poles can make it difficult for tall people to enjoy this wonderful escape in the great outdoors. The above information will help you make an informed decision about the right trekking poles for tall people.



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