Review of State Bicycle Co – Black Label All-Road

State Bicycle Black Label All-Road Review

The State Bicycle Black Label All-Road Bicycle is an all-road bike made for virtually every type of riding.

With the potential to be your only bike, it’s an exciting addition to the State Bicycle lineup – will it live up to its name, lets’s find out in the State Bicycle Black Label All-Road review!

Black Label All-Roads are available in several configurations. They’re a favourite with commuters and weekend thrill-seekers. 

In this review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this bike. We’ll be looking at the components, finding what’s good and bad about them. We’ll also be covering who the state bicycle black label all-road is designed for.


Principal Specs

The All-Road State Bicycle Black Label All Road This gravel bike is a great value for money and has some impressive features.

With an own-branded derailleur that challenges SRAM and Shimano and a full carbon fork, there’s a lot to like about the Black Label All-road. This is a great way to bring something new to the market, and distinguish yourself from the rest. 

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Additional to this, there are two options of tires: 700cc and 650db. So depending on the type of riding you like to do, you’re able to construct your bike to match. 

State Bicycle Co offers a unique package in which you can buy both wheelsets for $349.99. This makes it easy to swap between the wheelsets. 

You get two sets of fully loaded tires and rotors when you choose the dual package. It’s basically like State Bicycle Co is giving you two bikes in one package. 

Let’s take a closer look at the main specifications:

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Fork: State Bicycle Co. Carbon Fork
  • Brakes: Flat Mount Disc by State Bicycle Co (160mm rotors).
  • Shifter: State
  • Rear Derailleur: Enter 1 x 11.
  • Cassette: 11 – 42 State
  • Crankset: SRAM Apex with State 1x
  • Tires: 47mm-wide Vittoria Terreno Dry (650b) 
  • Wheelset: Set of 24mm-Deep Aluminum Wheels, 19mm in Internal Width



Smartly Designed Alloy Frame

Black Label All-Road looks sleek in every lighting

Let’s start off by saying that the State Bicycle Black Label All-Road is a Good-looking bike! It’s available in two different colors and the paint sparkles brilliantly when the sunlight catches it. 

The frame itself is heat-treated. 6061 aluminum tubing

State Bicycle Co. designed it so that the majority the tubing is circular, with the exception of its top tube. The top tube is a unique shape that is well tapered. 

It is certainly striking in its appearance. doesn’t come across as a budget frame. Aluminum is well-known for its light weight and responsiveness. The state bicycle black label is no exception. 

Using aluminum for the frame not only keeps the costs down but also means that it’s an ideal frame for riders who are wanting to cover ground quickly, regardless of the road surface.

The Geometry Is fully prepared to be ComfortableYou can ride in a relaxed position. You can spend many hours in the saddle, but you will still feel comfortable. 

The added bonus of the Fork is made of full carbon. It is unmatched by other manufacturers at this price point. 


State-owned Branded Components

State Bicycle Co's very own components support this bike

The components State Bicycle Co is another example of a company that has broken the mould and created its own brand. 

You get the Black Label All-Road. 1×11 speed drivetrain. With gravel bikes in the same price range, you can usually expect to find a Shimano Sora 2×9 or SRAM Apex 1×11. 

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The rear derailleur performs very well and that’s largely down to the build quality. This price range allows you to expect derailleurs made of steel or plastic. State Bicycle Co chose aluminum alloy. 

A 1×11 speed drivetrain is a great option for gravel bikes. It allows you to reach decent speeds when you’re on a flat road surface, without feeling like you’re spinning too much. You can also find a low enough speed to climb if you need to.

State Bicycle Co’s flat mount disc brakes They provide sufficient stopping power (with 160mm wheels), but are not the most flashy brakes.

Shifting is quite different from other manufacturers, though it’s incredibly smooth.

You can shift with the correct level, very similar to an SRAM manual shifter. You shift with the brake lever, which is very similar to Shimano’s lever. 

That may sound confusing but when you’re actually on the road, it comes to you quickly. This also leads to positive shifting actions. 



State Bicycle Co has many options to make your bike look exactly how you want it.

Optional Wheelset

Here you can choose to purchase both wheelsets at the same time – 650db plus 700c.

We think this bundle is attractive for riders who want only one bike. You get a sturdy commuter bike with 700c tires and a bike that can be used during the week.

Come the weekend, you can quickly switch to 650db tires and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine gravel bike! 

Frameset Only

If you’re only looking for the frameset, then this is the option for you.

Monster Fork

For riders who enjoy epic adventures and need to have more water and gear, the Monster Fork is ideal!

Compatible with the Black Label All-Road, the Monster Fork features “3 pack” mounts on each blade, enabling you to attach bottles, racks, and other accessories easily. 

There are also fender and front crown mounts available, perfect for racks and dynamo lighting, as well as any other gear you might need to take on your adventure. 

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There are four sizes of the State Bicycle Black Label All-Road:

  • X-Small – 5’3″-5’7″
  • Small – 5’6″-5’10”
  • Medium – 5’9″-6’1″
  • Large – 6’0″-6’3″


This range of bike sizes means that it should cover riders between 5’3″ to 6’3″ in height. This sounds great, but there’s a lot to consider when it comes to frame sizes. You could end up in the middle.

However, this issue can be solved by changing the size of the stem or handlebars. 


Final Verdict

suggestedOverall the State Bicycle Black Label All-Road brings something different to the market that other bike manufacturers don’t at this price point and that’s attractive. You may want to consider upgrading the brakes as they can be a bit disappointing.

If you’re looking for an all-road bike that performs well on paved and rough surfaces, then the Black Label All-Road should grab your attention.

It features a well-constructed and durable derailleur that you don’t get on other bikes at this price point. Not forgetting the all-carbon fork – a real bonus! 

The gravel bike’s customizability was what we loved. The ability to purchase two wheelsets gives it that 2-in-1 bike feel that you don’t get easily. We also loved the look of this bike – from all angles.

This bike is the perfect bike for your next adventure. 

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