Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Bag Review

You want to learn more about the Rupumpack insulated water backpack and whether it is worth buying. This is the place for you. We’ve compiled all information about the Rupumpack Hydration Backpack.

This Rupumpack review outlines all features and benefits. Plus tips and information that you didn’t even know you needed to know. You will also find reviews of real customers’ experiences with the Rupumpack. Below is a list of some examples.

Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Bag Review

The water bladder of the Rupumpack can hold up to 2.5 liters. This gives you enough water for your day. This pack is ideal for running, mountain biking, hiking and running.

You can use it for both men and women. The bladder is BPA and EVA free, so it won’t contain harmful chemicals. 2.5 liters of water can last you all day long and keep you hydrated so you won’t feel tired.

Because the bladder is large at 3.4 inches, it can be filled easily. This opening allows you to easily add ice cubes to the bladder, ensuring your drink stays cooler for longer. This large opening makes it easy for you to empty and clean the bladder.

The backpack was designed to be practical. You can use 11 different compartments. An ipad pocket is included in the main compartment. Extra large zipper compartments are available for clothes storage. A 13 inch laptop, camera and towels can all be stored in the compartment.

There are two pockets on the waist that can hold your phone and 7 other items. An open compartment allows you to store your sweat towel quickly.

The mesh pockets can be used to store a coffee cup or umbrella. You can find them on both the back and sides of your backpack. These mesh pockets are strong, flexible and can be used to carry anything you want.

Rupumpack’s hydration backpack is extremely comfortable to wear. The mesh padding on the back, shoulder straps and waist are all ventilated. This mesh padding is designed to keep you comfortable and cool. The mesh allows airflow through it, increasing cooling.

A bladder with a hydration insulation coating made of aluminum foil is installed to ensure that water remains cool. This layer can keep liquids cool even on hot days by adding ice cubes.

Like many bladders, the water you drink when you take your first sip will be warm. The Rupumpack tube comes with a high-quality neoprene cover that stops temperature fluctuations in both hot and cold conditions.

How to Clean Rupumpack

A sponge is the best way to clean your backpack. The backpack is water-resistant so you can wipe the outside as well as the inside. To clean the bladder, use warm water and soap. Make sure you rinse the bladder with warm water. To eliminate any unpleasant odors, vinegar can be added.

Tips for 18 Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Pack

1. The pack is water-resistant but not waterproof. It can be filled with a pack of ice, two water bottles and a few other items but condensation could build up. Some pockets may get a little too wet.

2. This can be carried even when it is raining. You can keep the contents of your pack dry.

3. This bag can be used to fit a 15-inch notebook, but it won’t fit a Galaxy Note 9.

4. This pack includes a 2.5-liter bladder. But, you can use a 3L bladder. You will have to make sure you can fit all your other items.

5. You can’t tuck the waist straps for storage in the back panel of the backpack. You can attach them to the outside of your pack to keep them from getting in the way. Or, you can remove the waist belts.

6. In order to keep the water cooler, there is enough space to store an ice pack or lunch in the same compartment. The insulated section can be used to store an ice pack even if the bladder is full.

7. The adjustable straps make this pack suitable for children. The pack can be used by a girl 5’2″ and a boy 4’8″.

8. The backpack’s side pocket at the waist can accommodate an iphone 8 plus, or anything similar. You can fit larger items like an iphone 7, in one of the mesh pockets.

9. Make sure that the valve is turned on before you drink water. You can do this by gently pulling the valve upwards by biting it lightly and then sucking. To prevent leakage, push the valve down when you’re not using them.

10. The pack is suitable for larger men. The Rupumpack backpack can be worn by men over 6′ tall and 200 lbs.

11. It might be difficult for you to give your dog his water bowl. The mouthpiece is designed to drain the water. Pull up the valve to allow water to flow better. You could also open the reservoir to let water out.

12. The insulated pocket is big enough to hold the bladder, food, and other items so that they both stay cool.

13. The backpack can be machine washed. It can be washed in cold soapy water.

14. The pack is suitable for smaller women. The straps can be adjusted so that the pack fits a woman of approximately 5 feet tall and 110 lbs.

15. A hip belt is a good choice for those with large stomachs. A hip belt will fit a 59-inch waist.

16. This pack is 17.7×9.8×5.9 inches in size.

17. They are 2.5 inches wide so that they fit flush onto your shoulders and won’t dig into your skin.

18. You can adjust the chest strap to make it more comfortable. The total adjustment can be adjusted up to 2 inches.

rupumpack review woman wearing pack

Positive Experiences from Customers with the Rupumpack Hydrogen Backpack

Camelback offers more space

The hiker complained that her Camelbak was too small for her stuff. This pack has more storage than the Camelbak, so she bought it. It has many pockets, and the bladder compartment is insulated.

She went on an adventure and the water stayed cool for 5 hours. This made her very happy. She also likes the fact that she can carry her pack around with ease on her shoulders and back.

Petite woman

The woman is 5′ tall and petite. As she describes, the pack is slim and comfortable. She is not too big for the straps. This backpack was used by her for the trip to Galapagos. She really enjoyed the mesh water bottle pockets and the exterior.

She always carried a bottle of water and an umbrella. Her waist pockets were very useful for small change and tipping at restaurants.

7-day hiking

This woman, 5 feet 4 inches tall, used the backpack to hike up a mountain 7 days. This backpack was the only one that actually rests on her hip bones. She found her back to be very sweaty at the end. She had little space between her and the pack.

She drank two liters of water every day thanks to her water bladder. It was very easy to get water. She liked the mouthpiece cover that stopped dirt from entering her water. The o-ring and mouthpiece did not leak.

Froze hydration packs

The woman claims that she frozen her hydration pack before going to work. The water was kept cold in 100-degree heat for 10 hours. She was stunned. The pack should not be frozen, but it worked for her. Nothing cracked or broke.

She loves that the pack has lots of compartments, but it isn’t too heavy. The larger pockets can hold a jacket or blanket. Her straps offer a lot more flexibility for making adjustments. She’s 5 feet 2 inches tall. The pack can be comfortably filled with water when it is fully loaded.

Mountain biking

This mountain biker says you won’t even know you are wearing this pack when you ride. Because it’s lightweight and comfortable. Because it doesn’t hold much, he says it’s suitable for day riding. He can carry water, food, an emergency kit, and a camera.

He advises that the backpack should not be water-resistant. He says to zip lock any important stuff you have if you don’t want it to get wet in the rain.

Loves the waist pockets

This backpack has waist pockets that this hiker loves. He loves that he can access everything he needs without having to take the backpack off. It is also very comfortable. He likes the color and there is plenty of storage.

The entire backpack can hold 2 jackets, an emergency bag, snacks, and a water bladder. He has not had any leaks and he drinks 2.5 liters of water. The mouthpiece cover is what he doesn’t like. It doesn’t need to touch the floor or collect dirt.

Spartan race

This man used the pack to race in a Spartan. According to him, the backpack met three criteria: it was tough, kept the water cold, and held a lot. During the race, he was able take water, food and clothing. He also had first aid equipment.

He also said that the pack was steady on his back during the race. It didn’t bounce around much. It did not move much as he was climbing walls, rope climbs and carrying heavy loads. He could easily get water from the tube thanks to the clip.

He found the waist belt and pockets very useful. He kept sunscreen, lip balm, and snacks on one side while he carried his purse on the other. The chest strap was easy for him to adjust, connect and close.

Great customer service

The water wouldn’t get through the tube for this guy. He was able to get mostly air, he said. He tried to fix it by himself, and even had some friends attempt to help. No luck. Finally, he emailed Rupumpack customer support. They quickly responded. They quickly responded to the problem and sent him a replacement bladder.

It worked perfectly when it arrived. The rest of the backpack is a nylon fabric that he loves and he says it is very durable. The backpack has many pockets that he can use to store his belongings. He can also add ice cubes to the bladder’s large opening.

Review of poor experiences with the Rupumpack Insulated Hydroation Backpack

One strap was unstitched when the first person received their pack. It was only five stitches that held it together. It was too late to return it so he made it. However, the strap on the other end snapped during the hike. This could have been a defect.

Next, another person said that the pack was only suitable for walking, running, and hiking. The material felt thin to him. According to him, the pockets on the front are okay. But thought they don’t hold much. The iphone 12 pro and his wallet fit snugly.

A third user has used the Rupumpack for two years. He believes it should last much longer. The seams throughout the pack are ripped. Even the seams within the pack are torn. The pack is no longer usable after two years. For 10 years, he has used a High Sierra pack and no stitches have been out of place.

The last person complained about the water tasting bad. He stated that he believed he had not cleaned it properly. It was cleaned again using water and a cleaning agent. The bladder always tasted plastic, no matter how many times it was cleaned. He likes the backpack, but the water is not good.

rupumpack hydration backpack with mesh pockets

These negative experiences are not very common. They aren’t very common but I felt I had to review them. The Rupumpack can be highly recommended.

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