Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Review

The Mubasel insulated backpack gear for hydration is ideal for mountain biking, hiking and jogging. Our research has led us to this review. It will help you determine if this backpack suits you.

Mubasel backpacks are very comfortable due to their padded shoulder straps, and chest straps. Both the shoulder and chest straps can be adjusted. You can adjust the backpack to fit your body.

This pack will not bounce when you are mountain biking, running, or hiking due to its snug fit. It can also be detached from the chest strap, making it great for teenagers, teens, and adults. It only weighs 1.06 pounds.

The hydration bladder holds 70 ounces water or 2 Liters. It’s BPA-free, so it doesn’t contain the harmful chemical bisphenol. You will receive a test report via email once you have purchased this backpack.

It doesn’t matter what drink you have, it will stay cool for at most 4 hours. The bladder is fully protected. The cool air is kept out by thermal insulation.

This pack is designed to prevent leakage. The large opening allows for easy drainage of water. This allows the bladder to dry itself.

The click-in connector is used to close the bladder when you fill it. This prevents leakage and ensures that it does not get loose.

You can store more than just water in this bag. There are 3 compartments that can hold your keys, clothes, purse, phone, and keys. For even more storage, there is a stretch mesh pocket in the front.

Mubasel gear offers a guarantee of satisfaction of 100% and free replacement of your bladder for 60 days. This pack is on our list of Recommended Products. best mountain bike backpacks.

Mubasel Backpack Gear Must Know Unique Info

1. There are pockets that protect your belongings inside the pack. The outside of the pack may get wet but the contents inside will stay dry.

2. You can pour water into a bowl for your dog using the hose. You can just start the flow as normal when you drink from it. The gravity will force water out of the reservoir by closing the valve.

3. Sometimes, condensation seeps through the bottom of the pack. Because you’re carrying cool liquids, this can happen. There are two options: wrap the reservoir in foil, or enclose it with tin foil.

Foil bubble wrap is also an option. This pack is insulated on the front and back. The sides of this pack are nylon without insulation. Very hot days are the only time condensation occurs.

4. There are several ways that riders can prevent their bladder from accumulating mold and bacteria. You can buy bladder specific hangars. They are made of a collapsible material that can be inserted into the bladder. Once it is inside, it opens and allows the bladder to dry quickly.

Before you use the bladder, wash it with soap and water. Rinse it and place it on a table for drying.

Another method is to empty your bladder of any liquid. Use dishwashing soap to clean it and rinse it. You can then refill it and store it in your refrigerator until the next use.

5. The Mubasel Gear bladder holds 2 Liters of storage. The bladder can be stored in the backpack. There is however more storage space. There are enough space to fit two or three 16 oz water bottles. With the bladder removed, you can store 9 to 10 liters of water. This gives you enough space to change clothes in summer and spring.

6. The shoulder and chest straps of the backpack can become sweaty when used for hiking, mountain biking, or running. The arm straps can’t be removed so you need to wash it all. You can wash the entire pack with soapy water.

7. Warm water will keep you hydrated when you are outdoors all day. You can avoid taking a warm sip by blowing into the mouthpiece so that the water from the tube flows back into your bladder. You can also spit out the first few drops until the water cools.

8. To get water from your hydration pack, remove the cover from the mouthpiece. Simply pull down on your mouthpiece. Once you do that, the colored portion will move. You can now eat the mouthpiece and drink water. Once you are done, push the clear part back up and then put the cover back on.

9. Simply pull the hose from the hydration bladder and clean it. Use the included long brush to clean it.

10. You can use a variety of zippers on this backpack. A zipper is used to secure the water bladder in the big compartment. A zipper is located in the pocket. A zipper is located inside the pocket.

On each side of the strap, there is a pocket that has a zipper to store your phone. There are 5 total zippers.

11. You may wish to keep the hydration bladder cool for longer. The bladder can be placed in the freezer as it is small enough. You can also fill your bladder with water and add ice. Insulation and ice will help keep the water cooler for longer.

12. You can order a replacement mouthpiece online if it ever breaks. For sanitary reasons, they should be changed every year.

13. The Mubasel backpack has waterproof features. It worked well even when it was pouring. Even though the zipper was secured, the outside shell kept water out. Just don’t put the pack underwater.

14. It is easy to fill the water bladder. The opening is 3 and 1/2 inches. It also has a handle that can be used to turn it vertically so water adding is much easier. To pour water into the bladder, you can use a pitcher. To fill the bladder faster, you can place it in a sink.

15. You can carry a variety of items in your backpack, depending on how it fits in. It will fit as long the lens is not attached to the bladder when it is full.

The back of the pack has a large pocket that can hold keys, snacks bars, and a wallet. The back of the pack has an opening that allows you to run headphones through it.

Because the pocket is large, the front zipper waist can accommodate an iphone 11. With some space, the side pockets can hold a Samsung Galaxy 7 in their respective pockets. Although the side pockets can fit a Google Pixel, larger smart phones may not be accommodated.

Review of Customer Experiences With the Mubasel Hydration Pack

Mountain Biking is related

1. The first rider The Mubasel backpack was used to replace his frame-mounted water bottle. The backpack has allowed him mountain biking further without running dry. He loves that the pack is strong. He proved this by falling over the handlebars while riding downhill and landing on his back. The pack remained secure. Nothing broke or fell open.

2. The next rider will love you The pack is very affordable, he says. It holds his bladder well, along with snacks, flashlights, flashlights, matches, and a compass. It is used for day trips to go mountain biking. He can store his phone and gopro in the waist strap pockets. He feels that the waist and chest straps help to balance the weight.

3. The third rider purchased He added the pack to his existing mountain biking gear. It is lighter than his previous pack, and he forgets that it is on his back. It has a foil material that insulates its main pouch. This allows him to add a freezer gel bag to keep the water extremely cold. He only wishes that there was a separator to separate the water bladder from the main compartment.

4. The last rider is found She found that this pack has more water storage than other packs she had looked at. It is durable and comfortable, she says. It’s perfect for mountain biking. She can keep her keys, tools and phone in it.

The Pack is Lightweight

1. The first person uses This pack is ideal for visiting National Parks. It is light and comfortable, which she likes. It holds a lot of water and keeps it cool. The water can be kept cool by adding ice. She can easily fit snacks, a jacket, first aid kit and maps.

2. The next person forgets He didn’t drink enough water, so he bought the Mubasel pack. He loves that the backpack is small and light. It is used for hiking, camping, and riding on trails. Before this, he used a Camelback that didn’t give him enough storage space for snacks and other supplies. This problem has been solved by the pack.

3. The last person who got This pack is ideal for hiking or taking day trips. He likes that the pack is lightweight and has enough space to store all of his belongings. He was able carry 2 hammocks, a sandwich with a book, a full bladder, and strapped a blanket on the outside using elastic cords. The insulated pockets keep water cool for hours and are very popular with him. He found the bladder bite to be awkward. He had to work harder to get water than the Camelback.

Related to Hiking & the Mouthpiece

1. The first hiker to buy Mubasel backpack gear was a favorite of her children. They used them on vacation hikes. It was quite surprising that the majority of backpacks she examined were not insulated. Mubasel’s backpack is insulated, which she loves. They used water bottles and slings before to transport them on climbs. But they can be a problem. She appreciates the fact that her water bladder can hold 2 liters. Climbing is very hot.

The cap at the end of the mouthpiece is a big plus for her. It can get very dusty when hiking. It is much more dusty than other backpacks. If the mouthpiece does not have a cap, you will need to have someone else wash it off before drinking.

2. Females are the next hiker She was 5 feet 3 inches tall and used it for a trip in the desert. It holds lots of water and has all the gear she needs to go on a day hike. She bought one for her boyfriend (6’2″) as well. Because the straps can be adjusted, the backpack fits him perfectly. They use it for running and hiking. The cap that covers the mouthpiece is what they love the most. This is because if you drop your gear you won’t get dust in it, so you won’t drink dirty water.

3. Last hiker to take The backpack was used for a 10 mile ride test and 7k hiking. It was well-equipped with plenty of space for snacks, a headlamp and keys as well as weather gear. Because the mouthpiece operates in an on/off fashion, he had some difficulty with it. He didn’t know that at first. He finally got it. Push it in to stop the water from getting out of the cap.

Poor Mubasel Backpack Customer Experiences Reviewed

No matter how high a backpack’s rating, there will always be negative experiences that customers have. It is good to be aware of them even though they don’t happen very often.

1. The first person spoke Their bladder started to leak after they had filled it up again. He tried emailing customer support, but was unsuccessful. He returned the Mubasel backpack without receiving any reply.

2. The next person explains He had only been carrying the backpack for about 2 months. After that he couldn’t use it anymore because when he plugs in the tubing the bladder leaks and makes the entire inside of the pack wet. Even though he didn’t put anything heavy or sharp into the pocket, one of the pockets opened on the inside.

3. The third person The water bladder was only good for 8 uses. During a timed-race, it burst at its seam and soaked the participant. To keep the water chilled, the insulation lasted only an hour. It was also difficult for water to flow through the straw.

Remember that these negative experiences rarely happen. In the interest of transparency, I did research them and included them in my review. The Mubasel Hydration Backpack is a great backpack for mountain biking.

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