Marchway Hydration Pack Review – Military Water Backpack

Do you serve in the military, or are you a veteran who remains active? Do you enjoy military-style exercises. You might need a Marchway hydration backpack. A military water backpack will allow you to do difficult activities while staying hydrated.

Marchway Hydration Pack Review

The military water backpack has an ergonomic design that makes it compact and lightweight. It measures 19.7 x 8.7x 2.6 inches. The fit is perfect for your waistline, chest, and shoulders. The 3 adjustable straps are adjustable to your chest, shoulders, waist, and waist in order to keep the pack from bouncing.

You’ll feel more comfortable in the Marchway bag, especially for your back and shoulders. The straps are made with foam padding that prevents your shoulders from rubbing or grinding. The soft mesh back of the straps has an airflow increaser that keeps your back cool. If your back starts to sweat, it can be very uncomfortable.

This pack is made of durable material. This pack is made from water repellent nylon, which is a heavy-duty 1000 Denier. This nylon has the highest wear resistance. This makes it one of the most durable. Best mtb hydration packs military bags.

A plastic buckle has been designed to be strong and resistant to impact. Webbing made of military grade material is stronger and more resistant to fading.

The bladder can hold 3 liters of water and fits perfectly into the main pocket. There are two options for opening the water reservoir: one large, and one small. You can store your keys, wallet, smartphone, or gadgets in 2 pockets on the exterior.

I found this very helpful because then I don’t have to rely on my pants pockets. You can also keep your items safe by closing the pockets with a SBS brand zipper. It is durable and secure. You can carry more items with the Molle system.

Because of the large opening, it is simple to fill up and empty your bladder. Ice cubes can be easily added to the bladder to make it colder. You can drink from several positions thanks to the 360-degree rotation of the mouthpiece.

The on/off switch can be used for adjusting the water flow. When refilling the bladder you can use the quick release valve so you don’t have to connect the hose for refills. It has a middle baffle that keeps the bladder flat, making it easier to pack the bladder into the backpack.

14 Marchway Military Water Backpack Tip

1. To open the water bladder, press down on the lid and turn it to the right. Sometimes it is difficult to open the water bladder because of the good gasket that prevents leaks.

2. You can let the bladder water escape like a hose by removing the bite valve with the QDC fitting. Then, open the ball valve. Then squeeze.

3. To keep the water in the bladder colder for a longer time, you can freeze it. First, freeze not more than 1/3 of the bladder’s size. This bladder can hold 3 liters of water, so don’t freeze more than 1 Liter.

You should make sure that you empty the bladder with water from your hose. After that, let the air escape before closing the seal. When you want to use it don’t open the seal right after you take it out of the freezer or the seal might tear. Let it cool at room temperature until the seal is easily opened.

4. This pack is suitable for men over 6 feet tall. The bottom of the pack can be carried so that it is directly at your lower back. You can adjust the height of the pack by using the straps. This backpack will suit people who are between 5′ 4″ and 6′ 2″.

5. For larger men, the chest and waist straps may be more comfortable. My friend, who is 6’1″ and weighs 220 pounds, is an example. He is 45 inches tall with a 34 inch waist. The chest strap offers 2 inches more space, while the waist strap gives you 4 inches. If your waist is greater than 38 inches then the waist strap won’t fit.

6. You can purchase many replacements at any hardware store if you ever lose the o-ring that holds the hose.

7. Once you have placed the hydration bladder into the main pocket, the tube should pass through the left strap. The strap should have enough space for the tube to pass through. Attach the tube to the clip at the left shoulder.

8. After a while, mold can be removed with warm water and a teaspoon bleach. It should also be allowed to pass through the tube. Run some warm water through it several times to rinse it out. You can let it air dry, or use a hair dryer to speed up drying.

9. If the water is not flowing out of your mouthpiece, you can bite down on the bottom of the bite valve to open the hole more.

10. The military hydration bag has pockets within pockets. One main pocket is for the bladder. The bladder is protected by the main pocket. There are also 2 main outer pockets. These pockets can hold a lunch, 2 spare tubes and 2 small pumps. You also have room for your phone, wallet, keys, and wallet. You can also clip more items to the outside.

11. The Marchway hydration packs are not insulated. But this won’t stop you from having a cold drink for hours because the bladder is insulated. I just fill the bladder with ice then fill it up with refrigerated liquid. It will stay cold for about 5 hours.

12. The pack makes very little noise for ex-military personnel who love to go hunting. You will only hear velcro being used to open and close pockets, as opposed to zippers.

13. You don’t need to use your hand to get a drink if you are mountain biking or riding a motorcycle. Your mouth is all you need. Simply open the valve. You must suck the water out so that it does not spill out.

It’s easier to ride in a straight line. You should secure the bite valve to a clip to prevent the mouthpiece from being blown around or falling into the bike chain or motor.

14. Make sure you use an agitator washer to wash your backpack and not the bladder. Be gentle as the straps can tear if you wash it too quickly. Make sure you remove the drinking tube.

marchway military hydration pack

Review of positive customer experiences with Marchway Hydration Pack

1. Molle system

This is the first person to say that the Molle System is the best feature of this pack. The Molle system allows him quick access to everything. It is so much easier than digging through the pack.

He enjoys the large, spacious compartments and the webbing that is attached to the pack. I got a tip from him when he said that there was a hidden pocket under the lumbar pads. It is used to store the waist belt when he doesn’t want it.

2. Storage

The Marchway military water backpack is used by this man when he works on Arizona’s roofs. According to him, the bladder holds 3 liters of water and there isn’t much room for storage after he fills it up to the top. He likes the pack’s construction and how it is comfortable to work in.

The bladder is a favorite of his, but the insulation in the hose does not keep the water inside the tube cold. The tube’s water is now warm after 12 minutes in desert sunlight. From the beginning, the water is warm and then he switches to colder water.

3. Mountain biking

The pack is used by this person to mountain bike on the trails. It has lots of zippers and mesh pockets that can hold a lot of stuff. He can also keep his rain jacket, extra clothing and travel pillows in the buckle at the exterior.

Because the backpack rests high enough, it is not on his stomach. The top chest strap secures the backpack and prevents it from bouncing. This allows him to go wild in the woods and hit jumps.

4. Make sure to clean before you use

He stressed the need to clean the bladder after using the pack. He explained that the pack was new and needed to be cleaned from the inside. He cleaned the bladder with a soapy sponge and then poured dish soap into the bladder.

Then, he filled the bag with water and let it drain from the straw. He then filled it with water again and let it drain through the straw.

He found the pack very comfortable to use. It fits snugly on his back, which allows him to be mobile. It is light and has plenty of storage. The loops are his favorite feature because they allow him to attach all kinds of items.

5. Hiking

He loves the Marchway backpack and claims it saved his life. He explains if you are a serious hiker to only use this backpack and don’t go with Camelbak. The Molle straps are strong and durable. They are able to handle heavy bags.

The stop flow valve and the insulated tubing are excellent. He has never had a hydration backpack that sits securely on top of his back. He can move the pack with him and there is no movement. He can carry everything he requires, such as bear spray, first aid and snacks. These items are essential for him to live in Alaska.

Comfortable shoulder padding makes the pack very lightweight. It is also breathable. It is only con that he would prefer the buckles to be made of metal, not plastic.

6. Cool for hours
This guy uses his pack in a very unusual way. The guy uses it to get very thirsty while picking vegetables on the farm. He was tired of constantly having to leave his home to get a drink. He filled his bladder with half water and half ice.

He said that the water keeps its cool longer than he had expected. Sometimes he is in direct sun for up to 8 hours. His pack is also black. It’s also his way of volunteering at the State Fair, where he works a 12-hour shift. It can sometimes be 90 degrees at the fair.

Review of poor experiences with the Marchway Military Water Backpack

1. The woman claims that she washed her bladder with water five times, as she noticed a chemical taste in her urine when she drank it. After that, she rinsed her bladder with warm water and then used dish soap to wash it. It was still very unpleasant. This could have been due to a deformed bladder.

2. The chest strap is too close to her breasts for this woman, who has large breasts. She cannot slide the chest strap higher up on her chest. She tried several ways to adjust the chest strap but it was not working.

She stated that the track the strap needed was too short, even though it has sufficient space for a longer track. She hopes that the manufacturer will alter the design.

3. The straw was broken several times by the man. Over night, he threw the bag on the ground.
The floor was completely wet the next morning. Half the water from the bladder had evaporated. The handle for the bladder was broken and it was difficult to remove the top.

marchway military water backpack

Remember that these bad experiences rarely happen. Even though a product has a high rating, some customers have negative experiences. Don’t let this discourage you from considering this pack.

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