Jenson USA Suspension Service – All You Need To Know

Jenson USA Suspension Service

A few months ago, Jenson USA launched a new suspension program. To mark this occasion, we’ve concluded an interview with Carl Tucker, who is a Service Manager

Suspension service is not a new concept, but it’s mostly done by manufacturers or bike shops. Jenson USA has now joined the fray.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the Jenson USA suspension service.


Tell Carl, what is Jenson USA Suspension Service exactly?

Jenson USA suspension service was created to provide an OEM equivalent service for the customer’s shock or fork. Each component is meticulously cleaned and inspected before being rebuilt by UBI-trained mechanics. The facility has a variety of oils and service kits, as well as a nitrogen setup.

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What is the best time to have my suspension serviced?

It is essential to have your suspension service done regularly to ensure that it functions properly and prevent any damage to internal parts. A properly set up suspension will give you maximum traction and control, which in turn will allow you to have a safe and enjoyable ride.

How often should the suspension be serviced, you ask? It is recommended that the suspension be serviced at a mid-level level every 50 hours. Fork: (bath oil + seals for fork) Shock (air can service + grease)

Factory-level service is recommended every 100/200 hrs depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation for your model. Fork: (fork seals and bath oil, spring service, damper, and shock) Shock: Air can service, lube or damper service, as well as fresh nitrogen/air cost.


What happens to a part that is not serviced?

Our goal is to service every component and ship it out within 72 hours. Sometimes parts arrive with a component that needs to be replaced. We will notify the customer and order replacement parts once approval has been given.

Although this may cause some delays, we will do our best for the customer to be kept informed at all times. Other delays may cause us to upgrade shipping so that we can get your suspension back as soon as possible. 

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What are the various suspension services Jenson USA offers

What happens during a suspension service

We offer factory-level and mid-level services. A mid-level service fork includes a full cleaning, replacement of the fork seal, replacement of bath oil, and functional testing.

Factory-level fork servicing includes fork cleaning, fork sealing replacement, bath oil replacement and damper rebuild.

A mid-level shock service provides full cleaning, air service (exclude coils shocks), and lube. Factory-level shock service includes complete cleaning, air can service (excluded coil shocks), adjuster+ damper rebuild, new damper liquid + vacuum bleeding, Nitrogen/air refill, and functional testing.


Which brands do you serve?

We currently service FOX, RockShox and Cane Creek.


How much does an average service run?

Mid-level service starts at $100, while factory-level service starts at $160. Prices include standard labor charges plus the cost for any required kit/s.


Are the parts included?

Yes. The service fee covers all small parts and seals required for the chosen service. Other components that are damaged or worn beyond the scope of the service kit will be notified to the customer. Additional parts can be ordered and billed once the shock or fork owner has authorized. 


Do you repair broken forks as well?

Yes. We can check for availability and price of replacement parts if there is a problem. We will install your shock or fork if the customer agrees. 


Jenson USA: What happens to a fork service?

Jenson USA Service

A mid-level service fork includes full cleaning, fork sealing replacement, bath oil replacement and functional testing. Factory-level fork servicing includes full cleaning, fork replacement, bath oil substitution, damper rebuild and bleed, coil spring rebuild and functional testing.


Is it hard to make a fork service yourself?

The majority of mechanically able people can perform a basic service using a fork and only the most basic tools. For factory services, you will need to have more technical knowledge and use specialty tools like sockets, clamps, and proprietary spanners.


How should the fork be packaged for shipping?

A sturdy box should be used. The box should be taped with dense packing to protect all edges and limit movement within the box. 


How long before Jenson USA sends back the fork?

The component must be received at our facility within 72 hours. 


Wow, that’s quick! How about the guarantee?

We offer a guarantee or service warranty. If something does not go according to plan, or if there is a problem within the first 30 days, we will work with you to fix it.


What is the best month (or season) to send the forks off to a service or organization?

I recommend keeping tabs on the hours that your components are being used and sending them in accordingly to the manufacturer’s recommendation for mid (50 hour) and factory (100 – 200 hours) service. Some people prefer to wait until the off-season. However, for year-round riders, it should not be a problem. Component wear should take precedence. 

We are grateful to Carl for taking the time to share our thoughts.


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