How to Mountain Biking while carrying a phone (9 ways explained)

You can carry your phone while mountain biking in the following ways: in your jersey pocket or backpack, on handlebars, on an armband holder, in your baggy shorts pockets, and mounted on handlebars. A saddle bag, frame bag and top tube bag are all options.

Continue reading to learn more about each option. Which one is best for you? What are the pros and disadvantages of each method?

Mountain Biking: The Best Ways to Keep Your Phone Safe

1. Jersey Pocket

Mountain bikers can carry their phones in their jersey pockets if they are skilled at mountain biking. Simply put on your mtb jacket and slide your phone into the back jersey pocket.

This is a quick and easy way to transport your phone while riding. You can even wipe your phone out while riding your mountain bike if you’re skilled. I don’t recommend you use your phone while you are riding, it is just an example of how easy this method is of bringing your phone with you when you are on the trails.

I mentioned earlier that you must be a competent mountain biker to do this. This is important because you could injure your self or break your phone if you don’t have the right skills.

If you are going to be hurt in a crash, your phone will not protect you. So if you are a good mountain biker and you don’t crash hardly ever then this method can be good for you.

You might want to consider another method of taking your phone if you have a tendency to crash. The phone could fall out of your pocket, hit a rock, or get lost in a crash. It would be a waste of money as smartphones, particularly smartphone, are very expensive.

Make sure to choose a mtb jersey with 3 rear pockets. Some jerseys, especially those with short sleeves, do not have pockets.

I like the jersey that has 3 cargo pockets. Cerotipolar thermal long-sleeve jersey for mountain bikes. It’s very comfortable, as it’s stretchy around the entire jersey. The tapered waist is my favorite feature. I also like that the middle layer has sweat wicking, so sweat evaporates quickly.

2. Backpack

For those of you that don’t need to use your phone too often when riding a good place to carry it is in your backpack. You can keep your phone safe and secure in a pocket of your backpack, hydration pack, or other bag.

You can protect your phone with a case, as backpacks come with large pockets. It is also possible to wrap your phone in something soft before putting it into your case.

Your phone will be secure and safe once you have closed the backpack pocket. It will be safe from rain and snow. It will be protected from any bumps, rocks, roots, or drops. Your phone will not be damaged by any impact if you are involved in an accident or crash.

You can still hear your phone ring, even though it’s in your back pocket. You can quickly find your phone by looking in the outer pockets, and call someone if you need help.

Make sure you choose a backpack that can hold your phone. Zipper pockets are best for keeping your phone safe while riding on rough terrain.

Mountain bike backpacks are great for carrying your phone and mountain biking gear. Camelbak MULE. It can hold up to 100 oz. It can hold 100 oz. of liquid. This pocket was designed to protect your phone from accidental drops.

The metal zipper in the pocket keeps your phone safe and secure. Because the zipper doesn’t have a metal tab, it is easy to open or close the pocket. The zipper has a strong nylon string that you can grab to securely open and close the pocket.

3. Mount your phone on your handlebars and carry it with you

You can easily attach a mount to your handlebars to carry your phone while mountain biking. It is easy to attach your smartphone to this mount. This allows you mountain biking to use your phone.

You can talk to someone while riding. Just make sure you’re paying attention and not going too fast. You can monitor and track your riding stats online. This will help you stay on track and challenge yourself.

It can be used to give you directions if you don’t know where you are going. It can be used to capture video and photos of the surroundings and yourself. You can even listen to music while riding the trails.

It is very simple to mount your phone on your handlebars, but there are some disadvantages. Because there is no protection for your phone, there is a high possibility that it will break if you crash. It’s right there.

Cross-country mountain biking should be limited to areas that are smoother. Your phone could be thrown around by riding on technical trails that have many bumps and drops. You should bring your phone along with you on technical trails.

You want it to be stable and resistant to shaking when you choose a mount for your mountain bike. The following are my personal favorites: Andobil phone mount It works well. It is extremely stable and secure. Plus, it doesn’t shake. It locks to your handlebars, allowing your phone 360° rotation.

4. Armband Holder

Mountain bikers don’t often do this, but you can still carry your phone in an armband case that is attached to your forearm or upper arm. Many runners use this method to have quick access to their smartphones.

Mountain bikers can use this feature to have their phone at all times. There are many sizes of armband holders so that no matter what size your arm is there will be an option to fit. Armband holders are suitable for both men and women. Some are sweat-resistant.

Mountain biking allows you to carry your phone in your armband holder, which you then use with your left hand. You can also stop riding and do exactly the same thing. Plus, you can remove the mount from your phone and continue to use it normally.

These two methods are not difficult but can be frustrating for some riders. You will need to remove the phone case from most armband holders in order to place it in the armband.

Bluetooth wireless headphones can be used when your phone is in an armband holder to help you hear what the other person is saying clearly. This is a convenient and more efficient way to listen to the person you are speaking to.

You should ensure that the armband is snugly fitted and made of sturdy material when you choose an armband holder to hold your phone. You want the straps to be comfortable and strong. You also want to be able to view your phone’s touchscreen while it is in the armband holder.

The Tribe armband holder It works well. It is adjustable for three sizes: small, medium, or large. You can fit any arm size from 9 inches to 17 inch. You can choose from three sizes of the holder: medium, small, or large. It will fit smartphones up to 6.5 inch.

5. Baggy Mountain Bike Shorts Pockets

It is easy to bring your phone along when mountain biking. Simply put your phone in your baggy mtb shorts pocket. It is easy to access your phone by simply unzipping the pockets and then taking it out.

Baggy mtb pants have six pockets. You will find a pocket on your left and right thigh, and one on each side. It is a good idea to keep your phone in one these pockets. You can pedal faster because the pockets aren’t in your way.

As your smartphone lies flat against your thigh, or along your side, your comfort will not be affected. Once you start pedaling you won’t even notice that you are carrying your phone with you. You won’t be distracted as you ride the trails.

Baggy mtb pants are made from durable material. You phone will be protected against bad weather. You can place your phone in a case to provide extra protection, and then keep it in the pocket.

Mountain bike shorts with zippers are a must. Zipper pockets are safer and more secure for carrying your phone while on the trails. You won’t need to worry about your phone slipping out. Except if you forget to close the pocket.

Make sure you choose thick, strong shorts to protect your phone in the event of a fall. If you don’t have a phone case you can wrap your phone in bubble wrap and seal it closed using some duck tape.

This situation calls for shorts that are comfortable and practical. Cycorld long mtb baggy sleeveless shorts. They can be worn loosely and have zippered pockets. It is durable and elastic. It is made with sweat-wicking fabric and is quick to dry.

6. Saddle Bag

Because it’s well protected, a saddle bag is a great way to keep your phone safe. The saddle bag can be found underneath your seat. This area is great for protecting your phone in the event of a crash.

You can use saddle bags to transport repair supplies for your mountainbike. If you pack it right, your phone will fit easily in the saddle bag. Make sure you pack the largest items first to ensure they are closest to the seatpost.

Your smartphone won’t be easy to find. To get your phone, stop riding and open the saddlebag. Your phone will remain safe and secure in the saddle bag.

The best saddle bag for you is the RockBros mountain bike saddle bag. The bag is waterproof with a secure zipper. It has a 3D shell with a wave cushion, which provides protection from shock if it were to fall.

7. Frame bag

Frame bags are another secure option for carrying your smartphone. A frame bag is found between the top tube and the seat tube. This creates a triangle space that can hold a bag securely and safely.

This bag is designed to hold heavier items when you ride your mountainbike. Your bike will handle all of the weight, you won’t feel any weight. You can lower the center of gravity of your mountain bike by placing the frame bag in the ideal location. This makes it more stable.

This bag has one drawback. To access your phone, you must stop riding and get off your bike. But this is not such a big deal as you probably won’t use your phone too often unless you use it for tracking yourself. Instead, use a phone mounting.

The NDakter frame bag This bag is great for mountain biking, and also allows you to carry your smartphone. The bag is made from water-resistant fabric to protect your phone. Zippers close the bag tightly to ensure nothing is lost. It is wide enough and small enough to carry many items, and it won’t rub against your legs when you are pedaling.

8. Top Tube Bag

Top tube mountain bike bags are the last type of bag that you can bring your phone in. This bag fits on the top of your bike’s tube. You can attach it to your top tube by using two to three velcro straps. This prevents the bag’s movement.

This bag can be used to access your smartphone by simply unzipping its top while you ride. The bag is located between your legs on the mountain bike’s top tube. To grab it, just reach down with either your left or right hands.

Your phone will be safe and secure because the bag is located in a very safe area. Bag will not touch your legs, and it will not fall if your bike is on its side. The bag is wider than the drivetrain and pedals so the bag will not touch the ground.

RockBros offers a front-frame top tube bag This is a great place to take your smartphone on the trails. You can store many things in the bag, including your smartphone. The bag is light and easy to put together. The fabric is resistant to wear and slip.

9. Mountain Bike Fanny Pack

It was a mountain biker’s fanny pack! It’s a bit bigger than a standard fannypack and is a great way to keep your phone. The pack can be worn at your waist, or placed at your lower back.

Because it is a little larger than a traditional fanny pack don’t wear this mtb pack in the front of your waist. This would make it uncomfortable to ride in. Your smartphone will easily fit into the large storage compartment.

You can reach your phone by placing the fanny bag at your waist. You can simply open the zipper with your left or right hand and get your phone out.

The PRSTN mountain bike pack It performs well. It is light and made of durable 210 denier nylon material. The pack includes a bottle holder so that you can keep hydrated. The mesh liner keeps your back cool and the bottle holder is included as part of the pack. The fanny bag will protect your phone from any damage.

I hope that this report helped you decide the best way to carry your phone while mountain biking.

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