Tall People Can Use Electric Scooters

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Handlebar Height & Deck Length

Trying to find the best electric scooters for tall people may feel like a bit of a mission, that’s because it is. The E-Scooter market is growing in popularity with adults around the globe, but one thing that companies continue to overlook is the height of the handlebars.

When you’re over 6 foot tall, riding a regular E-Scooter can be quite cramped and uncomfortable. This is not only dangerous, but also bad for your posture. Without proper sight, hunching over can lead to serious problems.

Because we are taller, an electric scooter should have adjustable handlebar heights. They can also be adjusted to your average height. A scooter that can reach 50 inches in height.

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How tall should an electric scooter be?

For a rider to feel comfortable, the handlebar should be as high up as their hips or waist. For average height people, a comfortable height can range from 34″ to 38″.

The handlebars should be 40 inches high for adults over 40. The problem is, without physically having a demo of the scooter, you’re left guessing as to how tall the scooter is.

Most companies don’t give a height measurement for the handlebars, so you’re left to work it out yourself. You will need to determine how high the deck is from the ground and subtract that number from the scooter’s total height. Which again, is not easy when you don’t know how high the deck is.

Below is a list of taller electric bikes that I discovered from my research. Many of these are based on height measurements. Also, consider other tall people’s reviews and recommendations.

Tall Electric Scooter for City Commuting

Tall Electric Scooter

If you don’t need an off road scooter and want to feel comfortable zooming around the city, one of the tallest e-scooters I’ve come across is the Inokim OX. It is well balanced and has excellent suspension to maneuver around city streets.

Although the OX still has an off road designation, it is one of my favorite road scooters. The OX also allows me to ride a magic carpet.

How tall is Inokim OX. The OX is often called the SUV of E-Scooter markets. It stands at close to 50 inches. But remember, you need to factor in the height of the deck, which is about 6 inches tall, leaving you with a nice 43-44″ tall handlebar.

You get 47 inches of deck space including the fork. For people with wider feet or stances, this deck is a better choice.

Doesn’t Lack Power

The OX delivers decent power. This is something I love about it. The OX is so fast that you need to wear a helmet. Electric bike Maximum speed is 31 mph

The peak motor is capable of reaching speeds up to 1300 watts. The 800w brushless motor is a substantial improvement on the 300-watt motors found around town. The scooter will respond to your pushes on the throttle with remarkable speed.

The added power makes it easier to control and feel more stable on hills and slopes. Something you don’t always get from a lessor 300watt motor.

What’s the Range Like?

Power is not the only thing you should consider. Range is likely to be the next. Nobody wants their ride to go flat after only 30 minutes. The OX has a LG 21Ah lithium battery. LG is known for its excellent track record in technology, so it’s reassuring to have one.

Eco mode can travel up to 56 miles without the need to recharge the battery. You have the option of pushing the OX to its limits. At top speed, you can travel between 30 and 35 miles without having to stop.

Range is often determined by the user’s body weight, speed, and other determining factors. These factors should be taken into account before you plan a 2-hour ride at top speed. It is possible that traveling in eco mode could prove to be more beneficial.

Overall, It’s Solid

Inokim OX is a great all-around electric scooter. It can handle steeper roads and can also go off-road when necessary. You will feel more comfortable because the handlebars are higher.

It is a great scooter and can be a little more expensive than a regular 300 watt one. This is probably not the scooter to buy if you’re just buying a toy for the odd occasion. For daily commutes, however, this scooter is a good choice.

Inokim OX super E-Scooter


Affordable Solution For Tall Adults

47 inch tall escooter

Although the Inokim OX is undoubtedly one of the most popular e-scooters, it isn’t always affordable. If you haven’t got thousands of dollars to splash around, yet still want a taller electric scooter, this next option may be for you.

This is the S2 Hiboy, which is the taller and larger version of the MAX. Coming in with a total height of 47.2 inches, once you allow for the height f the deck, you’re left with roughly a Handlebar 42 inches high.

Amazing commuter scooter

Be aware that although this e-scooter is less powerful than the OX, it’s still a more affordable option. It is a great scooter for getting to work, shopping, and the park.

But just don’t expect to be breaking any speed records with the 350watt motor. 18.6 mph is the maximum speed. This is about half the OX’s. However, not everyone needs a scooter to ride around the streets.

At top speed, the S2 Hiboy can only travel 12 miles. The 36v lithium-ion battery can be charged at eco speed and will allow you to travel approximately 16 miles on a single charge. While it’s certainly not as a powerful battery as the more premium line of scooters, the fact the batteries are regenerative is a huge bonus.

The batteries will charge themselves when you are scooting downhill, or using double brakes. You can also recharge your batteries while you ride.

Hiboy is an app that allows you to monitor speeds and cruise control, as well as other functions. This won’t appeal to everyone, but it something that many people want from their scooter, the ability to monitor and control.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter


Adjustable Height Handlebars for Electric Scooter

Adjustable Height Handlebars Electric Scooter

Every e-scooter company should have the ability to adjust height of handlebars. This opens up the market to a wider range of options. It allows users of all heights to adjust the handles to a height they find comfortable.

Qiewa’s QPower is one of few bikes that offers height-adjustable handlebars. This is a great feature for the tall riders as it can enable them to suit a height that’s best for their height. When unfolded the Qpower measures 44.8″x 24.1″x41.7″.

One of The Most Powerful Electric Scooters

Although the QPower offers height-adjustable handlebars as well as a decently sized standing platform, it’s not for everyone. This scooter is not only a premium model, but it’s also a powerhouse, especially when you go off-road.

Up to 3200watts powerThis scooter was named QPower by Qiewa. The 2 motors produce 1600 watts each. This allows for some insane top speeds.

Although the Qpower claims to reach 56 mph, some people have experienced difficulties reaching these speeds. This could be due to a speed restricting wire that is in place for safety.

In terms of range, the QPower doesn’t disappoint thanks to the 26Ah lithium battery. This scooter is claimed to be capable of traveling up to 50 miles on a single charge. This is not the case for everyone.

The distance between charges will vary depending on whether you switch between 1 or 2. It is definitely worth having the option of switching between motors, as this will give you that extra boost when climbing up a steep hill.

Qiewa QPower Height Adjustable Handlebars


Tall People in the Mid-Range E-Scooter

A few tall people recommended the next electric scooter. People up to 6’4″ have found the 45″ height to be adequate. But do keep in mind that the weight capacity on this Glion Dolly isn’t all that high.

Due to the scooter’s weight of 220 pounds, some riders might be too tall or heavy to make it work. This scooter’s deck is also a bit shorter than I would prefer. This will make it a case-by-case situation whether the e scooter is appropriate for you.

About The Glion Dolly Scooter

It can be folded up and carried with you as a backpack. So regardless of its weight, you can easily transport this thing when you’re not riding it. The folding design allows it to stand straight when folded. This makes for easy storage. This is a great feature.

The scooter isn’t the most powerful on the market. It has a 250-watt motor and a peak power output of 600 watts. But if traveling at a top speed of 15 mph doesn’t bother you, than this may be a good choice.

The money you save each day by using an electric scooter to get to work can be used to buy other things in your life. You can travel 500 miles on the Glion Dolly by using only $1 of electricity.

Now this is obviously in the idealistic world, but still, even if you got half that way on just a dollar you’re winning. The Glion Dolly has a range of just 15 miles, and was traveling at 9mph.

If you travel more than 10 miles each way to work, make sure to charge your LG 7.8Ah LG Lithium batteries while you are at work.

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter



Are You A Tall Electric Scooter Rider?

There certainly isn’t a great number of options available to the tall people, and the very tall riders well may as well give up the dream. There is another option: you can always buy one. tall kick scooter Use manual power to get from A to B. It’s great to know that taller people can still use a scooter to get to work or school.

Have you experienced an e-scooter before and you’re over 6 foot tall?. I’m sure other readers would love to hear some of your feedback and or suggestions on what worked for you. You can leave a comment below to help the taller riders struggling out there.

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