Can You Use a Motorcross Helmet For Mountain Biking

You can use a motorcross headgear for mountain biking. Motorcross helmets protect your head while you are riding downhill. The helmet’s EPS foam is designed to compress on impact to absorb and slow down your head.

However, it is not the best helmet for mountain biking. A motocross helmet is not the best choice for mountain biking.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a Motocross Helmet over a Mountain Bike Helmet


Motorcross helmets can be heavier than mountain bikes helmets. A motorcross helmet can weigh up to 4 pounds while a mountain biking helmet can weigh between 1.5 and 2 pounds. This is a significant difference, especially when you’re riding downhill or on trails.

A motocross helmet that is heavier will increase the chance of injury to the neck in an accident. Additionally, the heavier helmet will limit the rider’s ability to move at a faster speed. A lighter mountain bike helmet will allow the rider to see more clearly, but he won’t be able move his head as much.

Mountain bikers must be able to move easily over rough terrain such as roots and rocks. The rider should be able shift his weight in the following ways: forward, backwards, left, and right. The mountain biker would be more top-heavy if he wore a motorcross helmet, which could cause an imbalance in weight shifting.


Motorcross helmets do not have as much ventilation as mountain bike helmets. A typical motorcross helmet has 11 vents. 5 are in the front, and 2 are on the helmet. There are also 4 vents at the helmet’s back. These vents help cool the head and allow air to circulate.

A mountain biker’s helmet needs and has more vents than a motocross helmet. This is due to the fact that mountain bikers pedal. Pedaling takes more energy that a MX rider who sits only on his motobike.

A full-face mountain bike helmet typically has 23 vents, 6 chin bars vents and 4 brow ports. These vents keep mountain bikers much cooler than a motorcross helmet. Cooling down is essential for maximum performance and comfort.


Motorcross helmets don’t offer as much protection as a mountain bike helmet. Motorcross helmets can protect riders when they move at high speed. Motocross impacts are much faster than mountain bike impacts.

MX helmets can absorb more impact at higher speeds because they are heavier and stronger than mtb helmets. These helmets won’t absorb as much impact at slower mountain bike speeds. In a crash, this will do more damage to mountain bikers.

Mountain biking downhill is an exception. Mountain bikers who go downhill can travel at speeds up to 30-40 miles per hour. Motorcross helmets can be used to protect downhill mountain bikers.

Downhill mountain bike helmets are available that are made for downhill riding. These helmets feature MIPS technology. MIPS stands for Multidirectional Impact Protection System. These helmets can reduce impact rotational forces. The helmet’s slip plane technology diverts impact away from brain and head.

Do You Need a Motorcross Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking?

According to my research, it’s probably not a good idea for downhill mountain biking to use a motorcross helmet. It is risky to use this helmet downhill, even though it has been used by some riders. We don’t know what would happen to these riders if they crashed with a motorcross helmet.

MX helmets can be used by riders who ride at speeds up to 80-100 mph. Although motorcross helmets are equipped with an EPS foam lining, it may not be capable of compressing enough at lower speeds.

Your skull will be impacted if the foam doesn’t compress sufficiently at impact. Concussions can result. You could also have your neck broken because the outer shell for a motorcross helmet, which is thicker and more heavy than a regular helmet, will absorb the impact better at slower speeds.

Why Riders Want to Know if a Motorcross Helmet Can Be Used for Mountain Biking

Motocross riders are not the only ones that would like to know the answer. Mountain bikers wouldn’t want to know this. They would not even think about the question. Mountain bikers would already have mountain bike helmets.

This question is not for motorcross riders. But it does make sense. If you are a motorcross rider and you want to go downhill mountain biking, then the only reason you would be interested in knowing the answer to this question is because you don’t want to spend money on a mountain bike helmet.

It doesn’t make sense because, if you are a motorcross driver and want to go mountain biking, then you will need a mountain bike. Even if you don’t have a mountain bike then you will want to buy a mountain bike to go mountain biking. It’s worth spending a bit more to get the perfect helmet for mountain biking.

A motorcross helmet for mountain biking is not going to help you save money. The risk of injury that you run by not using the correct helmet is too high. The price difference between a motocross and downhill mountain bike helmets is negligible.


The final decision is up to you. It is possible to mountain bike downhill using a motorcross helmet. It is worth it if you consider the advantages of a MX helmet to a mtb head.

Both types of helmets should be considered in terms of weight, ventilation, protection, and other factors before you make a purchase. Consider your riding ability and skill. These factors will assist you in making the right decision.

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