3 Best Tires For Motorized Bicycles (Buying Guide Included).

Because motorized bikes are different than traditional bikes, there are a few components that make them unique. Can you name these components? The tires are one of the most important components that distinguishes motorized bikes from other types. What are the qualities of the best motorized bike tires? We’ll soon discover.

These bikes require high-quality tires as they are heavier than regular bicycles. These bikes have tires that can handle more weight, speed, and the momentum. These tires can perform where conventional tires might fail.

When you’re done reading, you will be able to identify which tires are the best for motorized bicycles.

The Best Tires for Motorized Bicycles – A Quick Look

Why motorized bicycles need special tires

You may wonder why motorized bikes would require special tires. Let me start by describing the basics.

Everything in a bicycle happens through its tires. When you begin paddling, energy is converted into rotational energy in your tire. The tire bears all of the load.

Regular tires can handle conventional bicycles, so why not motorized bikes?

The weight of a motorized bicycle is the key to this answer. These bikes are much heavier than the traditional bicycles. These bikes are equipped with a powerful motor, battery, and charger to allow them to be run.

The motorized bicycle frame must be strong enough to support these components. The overall weight is also increased. These bicycles can also run at a faster speed than conventional bikes.

Motorized bicycle tires must be able to handle more weight and speed. This is not to mention the momentum and brakes that stop this high momentum from accelerating to a halt.

These tires must endure more extreme conditions than regular bicycles. Specialized tires are required for motorized bicycles.

Three Best Tires for Motorized Bicycles: Reviews

Following extensive research, these are the five tires that I recommend to you for your motorized bicycle. Check out the complete review before you choose the one that interests you.

1. CST City C1218 Tire – Best Overall

CST City C1218 Tire
  • Dimensions of the wheels: 26 in
  • Width: 54 mm
  • Max pressure 65 PSI
  • Weight: 1050 grams
  • This is the right size for: Urban commuting

It’s the all-rounder of all tires. This tire will satisfy your need for the all-rounder. This tire is a top-rated product due to its solid construction.

This tire was specifically made for city commuters. This specialization allows manufacturers the ability to use different techniques for specific uses.

For instance, the tire has a low-lying tread to make it more comfortable on city roads. The tire’s simple and slim design makes it easy to navigate through busy traffic.

The tire’s maximum pressure is 65 PSI. It can be set as low at 45 PSI. It can be kept at any pressure you feel comfortable with, between these points.

Low traction will allow for better mileage. Low pressure would make it easier to turn corners.

These tires also fit on mountain bikes. This means that these tires can be used with mountain bikes. This means that if you have an MTB, you might want to use it in urban adventures.

Just replace MTB’s tire with these tires and voila! You are now ready to ride your bicycle through the streets of the city.

To improve grip, the manufacturer glued extra rubber to the tires. This rubber will be helpful when you need to accelerate or stop quickly. Paddling the bike will be easier with a firm grip on it. The best part is that you’ll have more control over your ride because of this rubber.

This tire features wire beads to increase its strength. You also get an extra layer of rubber. All the materials used in making this tire are of high quality.

These tires are capable of supporting the added weight, speed, momentum, and acceleration of a bike with a motor.


  • This product is specifically designed for city commuters
  • Great grip on the roads
  • Best value for money
  • Built with high-quality materials, it is rugged


  • Some uses may require heavy considerations

2. Best Foldable Tire: Fincci Pair 26 x 2.125 Inch

Fincci Pair 26 x 2.125 Inch
  • Dimensions of the wheels: 26 in
  • Maximum pressure 40 PSI
  • Weight: 900grams
  • This is the right size for: Hybrid/Mountain bike

This tire is great for anyone who loves to bike and hike. If you need it, you can take the tire off and fold it up.

The tire’s uniqueness is due to its ability to be folded. The possibilities are endless when you fold this tire.

It will be much easier to transport, according to my experience. Extra tires can be transported, although they may take up some space. These tires are great for backup tires and they’re easy to transport.

They weigh in at 900 grams each. A mountain biker will appreciate the benefits of a light tire.

They will give you more mileage on a smooth road. However, you’ll have better control in off-road conditions. They are far more efficient long-term than their weight suggests.

The tire’s grip tread was used by the manufacturer. This tread design allows for a comfortable ride as well as a fast speed on smooth roads or tarmac. Off-road offers better control and stability. It is important to keep the grip in the correct direction at all times.

This tire is designed for rough use, such as when riding on rough terrain on mountain bikes. These tires are made with high-quality materials, but they also have Kevlar wire rope beads inside.

They work together to ensure that the tire does not become bent no matter how hard it is used. Even with heavy usage, they will last a long time.


  • Because it is foldable, it makes it easy to transport
  • Built with Kevlar corded wire
  • Even on more difficult terrain, the grips are strong
  • Outstanding money-to-performance ratio


  • Some tires are less wear-resistant than other tires

3. Bell Mountain Bike Tires: Best for Mountain Bikes

Bell Mountain Bike Tires
  • Dimensions of the wheels: 18-29 in
  • Maximum pressure 65 PSI
  • Weight: 684 grams
  • This is the right size for: Hybrid/Mountain bike

This is the tire you need to look for when out on an adventure. This tire is capable of handling almost any terrain. Because of its robust construction, it is one the best mountain bike tires on street and trails.

High tread patterns ensure that it grips well on all surfaces. Even though this will result in less traction on urban roads, the off-road performance will not be compromised.

This tire is meant for mountain bikes. You should use it when you go on adventure with your MTB. The superior’s traction will keep the bike stable and under control in most situations. It can be used on single track or trail riding.

Kevlar beads for bike tires are now a common practice to provide extra strength. Manufacturer added carbon steel beads to the tires. You will be able fold it up for storage and not lose its integrity.

So, when the biking season is over, you won’t have to go to the store to buy a new pair. You can also rest assured that the tire will hold its shape even when under extreme pressure.

This tire also comes in a variety of sizes. Most tires come in the same size as other bikes. They usually come in one or two sizes. 

There are also options for sizes 18, 26, 26, 27, 27.5 and 29 inches. This allows you to pick the right size for your bicycle. If you want to try different sizes, it is possible.

This tire is adventure-oriented from design to build materials. You can ride trails, mountains tracks, and on-road terrains with this tire. These tires will ensure that you have superior control and your bike will stay stable.

High-quality materials and carbon steel beads will help keep your tire inflated in all possible situations.


  • Amazing flat defense
  • Mounting the bicycle is easy
  • Made with high-quality, durable rubber
  • To make the tire more strong, there are carbon steel beads in it


  • It’s not so great for city roads

How to Choose the Best Tires for Motorized Bicycles (The Buyer Guide)

Tube or tubeless

Both types of tires have pros and cons. Tubeless tires have the advantage of being less likely to leak and offer better traction on the road.

The liquid sealant can be used to repair any tire leaks if it is removed. However, they can be expensive and time-consuming to put in.

Tubeless tires are more expensive than those with tubes. They are also more common everywhere. Repairing them is easy because you just need to buy a tube and have it installed in no time.

Tire Size

For riding on the roads, larger tires are better. If you rely on the engine, you will have a better experience paddling and better mileage. You will be able to cover more distance because the tire is larger.

Large tires will make it difficult to control your ride off-road. Because it gives the rider more control, smaller tires are better suited to off-road riding. All BMX bikes come with a small tire.

Tire Width

It is crucial to choose the right tire width as this determines how the tire will grip the roads. Thicker tires are best for smooth roads.

Wider tires are better for rough roads. The specific application will determine whether you need a narrower or wider tire.


Two options exist when it comes valves. These are Schrader valves and presta vales. The Schrader valves, which are the wider ones, work in the same way as car tire valves. These valves are more widespread, making it easier to change them anywhere.

Presta valves are able to hold more pressure, and their structure is very narrow. They provide greater integrity and stability for the rims. You can also increase the pressure of your tire to improve your riding experience.

Tread Pattern

It is an overlooked but important item. This is particularly important if you plan to ride off-road. The terrain on which you are going to be riding is important when choosing the tread.

While cornering aggressively, the side lug pattern provides grip. There are many variations in the center block pattern. The ramped knobs provide quick acceleration and sudden stop, but they are very easy to wear. 

Depending on the riding terrain, you’ll need to select the tire pattern that has side lugs or ramped knobs and/or center blocks.


The tire’s durability is ensured by using the best materials. You don’t want your tires to wear out quickly unless you are looking for something professional-level. Durability is therefore a legitimate concern.

Before you make the purchase, find out which material was used for different parts of your tire.

Motorized Bicycle Tire Maintenance

It is important to maintain your bike well. A smooth, safe ride will be yours. These are my two cents.

  • The key is to maintain the correct air pressure. You can only do half the job if you keep the air pressure at the right level.
  • The tire should be suited to your riding terrain. You could end up with a tire that is too narrow for your riding terrain.
  • Don’t over-inflate, or under-inflate your tire.
  • Be sure to place the tread pattern correctly before you install the tier. The tread pattern is often curved to the side.
  • You should know when your tire is due for replacement. This will make your riding more enjoyable and could even save you from an unfortunate accident.

How do I replace the tires on motorized bicycles?

The procedure for replacing the front tire on motorized bikes is identical to the replacement of regular tires. The rear tire is more difficult. It will not be difficult if you have previous experience with removing rear tires on traditional bicycles. Let us now take a closer look at what you need to do.

  • Before you begin the process, make sure that the bike is in the highest gear. This will ensure that the chain is as far away from the rear hub as possible, reducing the chances of the on-chain becoming stuck.
  • If possible, place the bike upside-down or on the stand. Simply put, the bike should be in a position that allows you to change the tire.
  • Now, unplug your motor cable.
  • Use an Allen key to remove the bolts holding the brake in place.
  • Move to the opposite side after removing the brake. Take out the bolt that holds the axle to the frame. Other bolts or screws that were attached to the wheel should be removed. It will vary from one model to the next.
  • Now turn the steering wheel around and it will come off.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).

1. Are Kevlar tires bike tires worth it

Kevlar is used under the tread of Kevlar-based bike tires. This addition increases the tire’s rolling resistance as well as reducing the impact of small objects. Kevlar tires for bikes are worth it because they improve tire longevity.

2. Is it more difficult to ride a bicycle with larger wheels?

It is easier to ride a bike with larger wheels. You will need to pedal a lot more with smaller tires to cover the same distance. Large wheels are best for long rides, while smaller tires are great for stunts or riding off-road.

3. What is the life expectancy of motorized bicycles?

It is difficult to answer the question in one sentence. There are so many factors that affect longevity. Motorized bicycles can last anywhere from 3 to 10 year depending on how you ride and what terrain it is in.

4. What size tires do professional cyclists have?

Professional cyclists use 19mm to 22mm tires. Thin tires provide more speed and traction, but less road traction.

5. Are thinner tires more efficient?

Yes, thinner tires are more efficient. Thinner tires and those with high pressure are less likely to come in contact with the road than their larger counterparts. Traction is also affected by a smaller contact area. This results in more energy being converted to speed.

6. What tires are puncture-proof and which ones aren’t?

Continental Four Seasons and Continental Ultra Gator Skin are just a few examples of puncture-proof tires.

7. What effect do bike tires have on speed?

Yes, tires can make a big difference when it comes to speed while cycling. To achieve the ultimate speed, tire grip, tread design and built material all play a role.

8. Which tire is more efficient for fuel economy wide or narrow?

A narrower tire will result in better fuel economy as it must work against less traction.


No matter how good the motor on your bicycle is or how fast you can paddle, without a great pair of tires, they won’t matter much. For motorized bicycles to perform at their best, the best tires are essential. The tire is the most important part of riding.

Each of the three tires on this list has been tested and proven to be reliable. These tires are designed for specific riding styles. They can be chosen to suit your riding style.

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