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We evaluate mountain bikes based on popularity, price, and quality. When you are looking for the best mountain bike, features are what matter most. Buy a bike, especially if you’re on a budget. If you’re just getting started in the world of mountain biking, or you don’t have much money to spend, knowing the right bike to buy is the first step to having fun on the trails.

Other reviews are better if you enjoy riding and want to purchase a mountain bike that costs less than $500. Take a look at the following review.

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1. Vilano Blackjack 2.0 mountain Bike


The Vilano Backjack 2.0 is the best mountain bike under 500 Dollars in terms of its performance, and quality material is used. This is a

This bike is a budget mountain bike but you’ll never feel it as a budget bike.

Vilano blackjack 2.0 is a beautiful looking bike. This bike’s distinctive design will make you stand out from the rest. You can use the bike for both mountain biking or casual activities like going to work or school. This bike is made for beginner riders.

The mountain bike can be used on a flat outdoor track or in any terrain. The bike’s frame is made from lightweight aluminum. The frame is strong and the geometry of the bike makes it extremely efficient on rough roads. This bike has a 29 inch wheel and will hold the road well.

The mountain bike’s low profile handlebar makes it easy to maintain balance and maneuverability while riding in tight turns and on washboards. Vilano made it easy to grab the handlebar when you need it.

Vilano Blackjack 2.0 features a 24-Speed drivetrain. This means you can now ride your mountain bike at a faster speed, and can also adjust the bike’s speed depending on the road conditions. A good brake will stop your bike immediately if it has more gears than you need.

This Vilano high quality mountain bike comes with a mechanical brake. This mechanical disc brake is compatible with the Vilano Blackjack 2. This brake stops the bike instantly so that you can ride your bike safely and quickly.

The bike comes with many features that Vilano is able to offer, which is quite surprising considering the price. This bike is the right choice if you’re looking for a high-quality mountain bike at a reasonable price. Don’t wait! Grab one now!

Vilano Blackjack 2.0 29er…

  • Hand-built Butted 6061 Alloy 29er Hard Tail Frame
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Suspension Fork 80mm Travel
  • Double Wall Alloy Rims
  • Shimano 8 Speed Ef-51 Integrated Shifter/Brake Lever

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable
  • Nice looking
  • 24-Speed
  • Disk brake
  • 26-inch wheels

2. Titan White Knight Mountain Bike

TITAN best mountain bike under 400

It can be difficult to find the best mountain bike for your budget. This article will help you find the best mountain bikes for less than $500. Today, we will be reviewing the Titan White Knight Mountain bike. In just 500 dollars, the Titan White Knight has some amazing features.

Titan White Knight mountain bike This bike is ideal for both professional and novice riders. The White Knight’s design is sleek and modern. This unique design will appeal to you and will help you stand out from others.  The bike’s 18-inch frame is made from lightweight aluminum alloy.

Because of this lightweight frameThe bike’s handling is very comfortable on rough terrain. This bike will make you feel safer and more healthy when you are riding it in rough terrain. The lightweight frame makes it easy to transport the bike anywhere.

Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle…

  • 🚲 Front suspension forks are designed to smoothen bumps during biking and improve control for fluid riding.
  • 🚲 Shimano 24-speed Shimano shifters and derailleurs are fitted for smooth and reliable gear shifting
  • 🚲 Double disc brakes offer greater stopping power
  • 🚲 This bike is the best entry-level mountain bike for all your riding needs.
  • 🚲 Weight Capacity: 330 lbs. 1 Year Warranty

A mountain bike with more gears is the best. The Titan White Knight’s 21-Speed drivetrain is used in this instance. This is a great number for a bike less than 500. The 21-Speed makes it possible to ride the bike fast and adjust your bike speed according to road conditions. This bike’s gear shifter allows you to quickly shift gears, making it more enjoyable and comfortable.

Bike wheels are an essential component. You want your bike to perform at its best, so you will need the highest quality wheels. The Titan White Knight is an affordable bike that costs less than $500. It features 26-inch, double-walled bikes wheels. The Titan White Knight’s wheel grips the road so well, you won’t lose your control even when riding in rough terrain or off-road.

You may be hit by anything while riding fast. You need to stop the bike immediately to avoid injury. This bike has a front and rear disc brakes. It would be fantastic if the disc brake was used in both the back and front wheels. At this price, it is hard to complain.

Let me tell you, Titan White Knight is a great quality bike under 500 dollars. You can’t ignore Titan White Knight with all its features.

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • 21-Speed

3. The Genesis V2100 Bike

best bike

Regularly riding a mountain bike is great for your overall health. Although many of us believe that mountain bikes are expensive, this is often false. The best mountain bikes can be purchased at a reasonable price. You heard that right! Just under 500! It can be difficult to find the best mountain bikes in this price range.

We are here to help you find the right one.  Today we are going to review the Genesis V2100 men’s mountain bike, which affordable but offers many great features.

The V2100 looks great and is made for beginners. This bike can be used both for casual riding such as to school or work and serious mountain riding. The Genesis frame is constructed from full-suspension aluminum.  The bike is lightweight and strong thanks to the aluminum frame. This bike has an 80mm suspension travel fork to give you a pleasant and comfortable ride on hills or off-road. The bike also features a rear shock that absorbs shocks and makes it very comfortable.

Shimano makes the Genesis V2100 mountain bike gearing. The total speed of the bike is 21. The gear shifter makes it possible to quickly shift the gears while riding on trails.

The brake is an essential part of any mountain bike. The best mountain bikes use the highest quality brakes. The Genesis V2100, a mountain bike below 500 lbs, has its front and back wheels equipped with disc brakes and v-brakes. You cannot expect a disc brake on both the front and rear wheels of this budget mountain bike. This bike works well with the combination of drive/v-brake.

The Genesis mountain bike has all the best features for a reasonable price.  This bike’s performance will satisfy.

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable
  • Solid design
  • Aluminum frame
  • 21-Speed

4. Schwinn 24″ Boy’s High Timber Mountain Bike

This ATV is the most affordable at under $500 and offers a 100% guarantee. The mountain bike is made of solid aluminum and can support up to 300 pounds.

It also has a well-padded, massage-like seat that provides a comfortable ride on rocky terrain. The hard cock is a high wooden bike with forks. It is located in front and provides a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces.

It takes care of your arms and hands. This means you don’t feel fatigued after a long ride. You can also enjoy a smooth ride with a fixed Soft Grip as long as you’re in complete control.

Thanks to 21 Shimano speed controls, this mountain bike is among the best in its class. It provides smooth acceleration and speeds both up and down. Aluminum compounds are a great value because of their double-wall rims.

Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle…

  • 🚲 Front suspension forks are designed to smoothen bumps during biking and improve control for fluid riding.
  • 🚲 Shimano 24-speed Shimano shifters and derailleurs are fitted for smooth and reliable gear shifting
  • 🚲 Dual disc brakes give you greater stopping power
  • 🚲 This bike is the best entry-level mountain bike for all your riding needs.
  • 🚲 Weight Capacity: 330 lbs. 1 Year Warranty

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum compounds that have been used
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Exclusively by Shimano, 21 speed controls
  • Keep your body hydrated for the long-term
  • Ideal for beginners

5. Thruster T-29 Men’s Mountain bike

Oh! This bike is under 200 dollars! This mountain bike range is an amazing deal. T-29 features a strong aluminum frame that can withstand different weights. It’s extremely lightweight, making it an ideal cross-country bike.

These suspension front forks do more than just act as shock absorbers. They also provide comfort for travelers. This bike is ideal for Cross Country cycling and exercise. One of its most appealing features is the size. These characteristics make the bike one of the most desirable mountain bikes under 200.

The wheel’s massive size of 29 inches comes with many benefits. This wheel is perfect for improving adhesion in rough terrain or Root track. You can also use it to increase the speed of your bike in a race. Shimano’s size shifters are not the only thing that Shimano has. They also have a respectable performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely light
  • Aluminum frame wheels measure 29 inches
  • Perfect for increasing adhesion
  • Size shifter that works!
  • Comfortable

6. Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 Full Suspension mountain bike

2.2 Status of ATV mountain bikes for women. It has a sturdy aluminum frame that supports at once to £ 250 weight.

Additionally, the bike is fully exposed which makes it very convenient especially on rocky terrain. It is designed in a way that attracts attention from far away.

This is likely why it was made for more sex. This cycle can be used at 21 speeds, which allows for moderate and high speeds to be restricted. The handlebars have a solid feel and are reliable, giving the bike total control.

This mountain bike is under 200 in size. It has 26-inch wheels which most women will find comfortable and suitable for their height. The 26 inch wheel size is perfect for a smooth ride and very preferable in terms of driving performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Beautifully designed
  • Smooth ride
  • Small
  • Attractive

7. Mongoose ledge 2.2 men’s Quality mountain bike

This is one of the best 26-inch bikes you’ll ever get for under 200$. You might find some extra features on the wheel that are not included in the price.
The context in which this aluminum standard material is used. Aluminum is known for being very durable and strong. It is also one the most affordable, yet high-quality materials to make a bicycle.

26-inch wheels provide a smooth ride, even in the most challenging corners. This saves a lot of energy, especially on tricky terrain. This manufacturer is focused on the user with the convenience of biking offers a complete reverse of two-wheelers.

You can roll in with the front suspensions supporting your upper body. The rear suspension bikes absorb all shocks associated with the terrain. It is light and comfortable, making it the ideal choice for cross-country races.

Highlighted Features

  •  For cross-country travel
  • Strong terrain
  • 26-inch wheels
  • Pleasantly light
  • Aluminium standard
  • Durable
  • Complete reversal

8. Roadmaster granite men’s mountain bike

This all-mountain bicycle is great for your daily workouts, whether you are in your local area or out on the slopes. This bike features a rubber molded wheel that provides a firm grip on the road to ensure safety and comfort.
The standard 26-inch wheel size is perfect for beginners.

This best mountain bike is simple, which makes it easier for beginners to use and maintain.

Because of the Shimano lever, it is a very fast accelerator. It is easy to switch between different types of roads, even in rough areas. Alloy rims provide durability.

Highlighted Features

  • The ability to easily switch between the two
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Smooth
  • Very durable

9. Huffy Women’s Alpine Mountain Bike under 500$

This is the huffy Alpine mountain bike designed for women in pink bubblegum. The bike is well-constructed with 24 inch hard cock steel frame to support heavyweight without any bending or braking. It also has professionally sewn upholstered complement sets, which make it easy to move over uneven terrain.

The female Alps rate. Enzo features an 18-speed twist grip, a 6-index transmission, and plenty of gear options that you can easily replace.

And do not worry if you’re breaking power, steel linear-pull brakes, they will be able to quickly and safely stop even when driving at high speed.

Highlighted Features

  • Bold brake
  • Hard cock frame
  • Fast
  • Many options for gear.

Top Picks| Top Picks

10.Upland X90, 27.5″ Hardtail Mountain Bike Medium

Upland makes great mountain bikes. Now they have come up with a new bike – The Upland X90 Hardtail Mountain bike. The X90 can be rented. budget mountain bike from Upland, but when you ride it, you won’t feel it is a budget mountain bike. This mountain bike is exceptional in performance and the best in its category.

It will surprise you to know that more than 5000 people worked on this mountain bike. The X90 bike has been developed by 12 engineers, and eight professional designers. This Upland X90 mountain bike is something you can’t ignore.

The bike is built so well that it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or beginner rider this best mountain bike under 500 will definitely suit you. More information about the Upland X90 hardtail mountain bike.

Take a look at the other features of this bike


This bike was designed by eight professional designers, as we have already mentioned. The bike is clean and simple. This bike is great for anyone who is interested in bicycle design. This bike will make you stand out and help you look trendy. Now you can buy this mountain bike for under 500 dollars and feel stylish.

Frame and Suspension

The frame of this bike is made from high-strength aluminium. Aluminum is light and durable and many manufacturers use it as their frame for budget mountain bikes. You can now ride your bike on any surface without fear of it falling apart thanks to this frame.

The X90 also comes with a 75mm suspension and a Suntour fork. You can ride this mountain bike on any road, as it absorbs the shock extremely well.

The Gear 

Best Mountain Bike Under 500

A mountain bike’s main feature is its speed. There are many speed options for mountain bikes. You can ride your bike at a faster speed and can adjust the bike’s speed to suit the surface. This increases your control of the bike. Upland Hardtail X90 mountain bikes have a speed of 24. This is an impressive speed for a mountain bike under 500. Shimano’s gear shifter makes it easy to change gears, which will allow you to enjoy your ride to its fullest.


A bike with a greater number of speeds needs a brake that can stop you from going too fast. You could be in an accident if your bike brake is not of high quality. The Upland X90 has mechanic disc brakes. Upland’s mechanic disc brake is a fantastic offer for the best mountain bike under 500 dollars. In case of an emergency, the mechanic disc brake will immediately stop the bike. Your Upland X90 is now more secure when you ride at a faster speed.


Upland rides the most popular 26-inch wheels. The 26-inch wheel accelerates faster and is more stable, stiffer, lighter and more durable than any other mountain bike size.

Final Verdict

This is a list of the top mountain bikes that are under 500 dollars. It’s not an easy task to find the best mountain bikes for this budget. But we took on this difficult task for you. We found that Vilano Blackjack 2.0 and Titan White Knight are the most popular mountain bikes under 500 dollars. Each of these bikes have unique features that set them apart from other mountain bikes in their class. These reviews will help you find the right one.

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