Best Electric Bikes Under $1000: A Buyers’ Guide

(Last Updated April 7th, 2022).

You can buy a high-quality electric bike for as low as $1,000. There are many models available. To help you make sense of the endless stream of new ebikes and budget manufacturers on the market, I’ve created this list of the best affordable ebikes available in 2022.

Take a look and discover worthwhile options that’ll help you go faster for longer, no matter where you ride. 

What are Entry Level Ebikes Like?

Ebikes that cost $1,000 can be great value, and cheaper ebikes could end up being more trouble than they’re worth. Ebikes priced below $1,000 can seem like a leap in the dark and buyers may be surprised by what they get. And when it gets time to ride, I’ve found that the cheapest models don’t have a long lifespan and are more prone to problems.

To avoid all that hassle and sort through today’s saturated ebike market, I’ve put together this list of affordable ebikes you can be sure are great value. These bikes are popular and come from well-respected brands. Experts and amateurs alike have positive reviews.

Keep in mind that the ~$1,000 price tag means that the bikes aren’t the premium packages that cost upwards of $3,000 or $4,000. The bikes below don’t have all the bells and whistles of top-tier bikes and have lower-grade electrical systems.

All models are reliable rear hub motors Instead of higher-end mid drive systems, which can maintain the natural balance of your bike’s movements, opt for the lower-end models. They are heavier than more expensive ebikes, but hey… you’ve got a motor to help you out. Check out our latest article on the 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes.

For entry-level riders, $1,000 can get you an impressive ebike that’ll push you along for many miles to come. These bikes are excellent value due to their clever design and high-quality parts. These bikes are great for those who want to get out on the trails with ebikers at a reasonable price.

These Ebikes I Choosed Below $1,000

To make it into this list of top budget electric bikes, bicycles must tick a lot of boxes. I also considered the technical specifications and componentry of these bikes, as well as numerous user reviews.

Ebikes under $1,000 are usually entry-level models. I therefore ranked them based on their utility and value to people who are just starting out with ebikes. Here’s how I determined if candidates met the criteria and if they were worth the investment.

  • ReliabilityEbikes can have as many moving parts as traditional bikes, but they also come with the complexity of an entire electric system. Brands have to put a lot of work into creating a reliable machine. This list includes bikes that are durable and will last many miles.
  • Ride feel: There’s no point in riding a bike if it’s uncomfortable or awkward to use. Ebikes weigh more than regular bikes, but clever engineering can make them as agile and responsive as nonmotorized bikes.
  • UtilityEbike riders should feel comfortable using their bike for any purpose. Many bikes in this list have useful features such as racks and lights integrated into them.
  • PricesThe $1,000 mark is a great place to start for budget-conscious riders who are interested in ebikes. Some of the bikes in this list are slightly more expensive, but they still offer great value for money.

Compare the Best Electric Mountain Bikes under $1,000

Model Type Ebike Size of the wheel Prices Gearing Motor Batteries
Rad Power Bikes RadMission1 Commuter/hybrid 700c $1,199   Single speed 500W 10Ah
Ride1UP Motorbike V2 City/commuter 700c $1,049 Single speed 350W 7Ah
Lectric XP Step Through 2.0 Foldable/fat bike 20” $999 7-speed 500W 9.6Ah
FIIDO, D11 Foldable/city 20” $1,099 7-speed 250W 11.6Ah
Ancheer 27.5   Mountain bikes with electric motors 27.5” $849 24-speed 350W 10.4Ah
KBO Hurricane City/commuter 700c $899 Single speed 250W 9.6Ah

Here are my top picks of the best electric bikes for under $1,000

Most Capable Urban Ebike

Rad Power Bikes RadMission1

Rating: 9/10

RadMission 1 ebike is a commuter bike with 500W power. The RadMission 1 has a fashionable metro design by Rad Power Bikes. It’s a Class 2 ebike This single-speed drivetrain is ideal for urban paths and the urban jungle. It’s perfect for daily commute to work or class.

Rad Power Bikes launched its first ebike in 2015, and has since grown to be a significant player in this highly competitive market. Rad Power Bikes is the most popular electric bike brand in North America. They have a wide range of models at an affordable price and are often the first to introduce new technology. RadMission 1 is the all-rounder model that Rad Power Bikes offers for cyclists who prefer to pedal on paved roads.

Many ebikes today are made with sturdy frames and wide tires, which can make the bike look dated and unattractive. RadMission has a frame that looks similar to a traditional bicycle, but with an external battery mounted neatly. At under 50 lbs., it’s ultra-light for an ebike. If not for the externally mounted, not-so-attractive battery, it would have received a perfect 10.

RadMission features a 500W rear hub motor, powered by a 10Ah lithium battery. For speed control, you can either use the half twist throttle or toggle between the four pedal assistance levels. Rad Power Bikes rate the bike’s range as between 25 and 45 miles, depending on what mode you use.

The bike has 180mm Tektro mechanical disc brakes and puncture-resistant Kenda Kontact 1.95” tires. There’s only one gear, but the motor provides plenty of power to climb steep hills. Rad Power Bikes has many accessories and the integrated lights are a nice addition. The price tag comes in a bit over budget, but the RadMission’s impressive bang for your buck earned its way onto this list.


  • Superb 500W motor
  • Throttle and pedal assistance modes
  • Front and rear integrated lights


  • External battery isn’t the sleekest look

Price: $1,199

Best Ebike Commuter

Ride1UP Motorbike V2

Rating: 9.5/10

Ride1UP Roadster V2 electric city bike

At first glance, most people won’t even realize that the Roadster V2 is an ebike. The second-generation Roadster looks like a traditional fixie with its single-speed drivetrain and rim brakes, but don’t let that fool you— this bike packs a punch.

The Class 3 ebike features a 350W rear motor and a 7Ah Samsung battery in the downtube. There’s no throttle, but riders can choose between four pedal assist levels (maxes out at 24 mph). Depending on terrain and power level, the bike can travel between 20-30 miles on one charge. That’s not a huge range, but it’s appropriate for this kind of sleek, daily commuter.

The single-speed belt drive is my favorite feature. This belt is extremely durable and can withstand the city riding abuse. While rim brakes may not be an option for motorbikes, they are capable of handling the Roadster’s moderate power. This reduced my rating by half.

The ebike weighs only 33 lbs. Ride1UP offers a stylish solution for urban riding.


  • Maintenance-free belt drive
  • Amazing, slim aesthetic with hidden battery
  • 350W motor, high top speed
  • Super lightweight (33 lbs.)

Price: $1,049

Best Foldable Ebikes for Every Terrain

Lectric XP Step Through 2.0

Rating: 9/10

Lectric XP electric folding bike

Lectric XP 2.0 has been voted one of the best. Popular ebikes in AmericaIt is, and it’s a very good reason. The foldable bike is strong enough to run on any terrain, and can also be used as an ebike in Class 1, 2, 3 or 3.

The compact package features a 500W rear motor and a 48V 9.6Ah battery. This can be charged up in 5 hours. The large capacity battery is great for stress-free riding, but it’s the main reason the bike weighs in at a hefty 64 lbs. The range will vary depending on power modes and terrain. You can choose from the fun throttle mode, or five levels of pedal assistance.

I appreciate that the XP 2.0 comes with a 7-speed drivetrain, so riders don’t have to rely solely on the motor when riding up hills. 160mm Tektro mechanical disc brakes are a smart choice, and the 20” x 3” tires offer plenty of grip in wet or dry conditions. It is heavy at 64 lbs, which makes it a poor choice for a perfect 10, rating.

I’ve recommended the Step-Thru model, but the step-over version is also available. Whether you’re looking to bring an ebike on the subway or go trail riding, the Lectric XP is a worthwhile foldable ebike.


  • Available in Class 1, 2, and 3 ebikes
  • Powerful 500W motor
  • 3” fat tires for extra grip and cushion
  • Throttle and pedal assistance modes

Price: $999

The Best Foldable Ebikes for City Riding

FIIDO D11 Folding Sport Electric Bike

Rating: 9.5/10

FIIDO D11 electric folding bike

Because of its sleek design and stylish aesthetic, the Fiido D11 is my favourite foldable ebike. A large-capacity 36V 11.6Ah lithium battery powers the 250W rear hub motor. It is cleverly hidden in the seat tube. And if you forget to charge your bike, don’t worry— the estimated range is up to 62 miles.

Unlike the Lectric XP, this Class 1 bike opts for a pared-down design and skinnier 20” tires specific to urban riding. It’s super light at only 38 lbs. The top speed is around 16 mph. The D11 isn’t the most powerful ebike on this list, but its compact size and urban utility make it an attractive option. My rating is half-point lower than a perfect 10.

I’ve never been a huge fan of how foldable bikes look, but the D11’s simple design that’s free of messy angles and cables proves ebikes can be eye candy. You can fold the bike when you get to the metro or the office, but I’d be too busy showing off its complete look.

The D11’s radical design injects some much-needed innovation into the foldable ebike category. For city trendsetters and aesthetically-minded commuters, you can’t go wrong with this lightweight and long-range model.


  • Large range of high-capacity 11.6Ah batteries
  • Innovative and trendy aesthetic
  • Super lightweight (38 lbs.)


  • It is not the most powerful motor.
  • Low top speed of 16 MPH

Price: $1,099

The Best Electric Mountain Bike at a Reasonable Price

Ancheer 27.5

Rating: 8/10

Ancheer 27.5 electric mountain bike

The new Ancheer 27.5” electric mountain bike comes with front suspension and extra gears so you can tackle tougher trails and rougher terrain. The 350W motor is a better choice than the 500W model and it offers the same speed and range, and is $130 cheaper.

Mountain bikes can go places that are not possible with traditional hybrids or foldable bikes. 27.5” wheels is the most popular size among MTBers for extra speed and responsiveness over technical terrain. The front suspension will give you a bit of cushion but isn’t rated for large bumps and jumps.

A combination of the 350W motor and a 10.4Ah battery gives users a range that can reach 25 miles per charge. Ancheer claims that the top speed is 15 mph, with five pedal assistance levels. Other bikes on this list reach higher speeds and ranges with similar specs, but it’s a solid value for the price. This bike is comparable to the FIIDO DS11 in that it has a low top speed.

I’m glad to see the 24-speed drivetrain so that riders can attack steep climbs with or without pedal assist. The Ancheer 27.5” is a brawny, budget-friendly way to try out electric mountain biking.


  • Battery with high capacity 10.4 Ah
  • Front suspension and 24 Gears for Mountain Trails
  • 5 levels of pedal assist

Price: $849

City Riding with an Ebike: The Best Beginning Ebike

KBO Hurricane

Rating: 8.5/10

KBO Hurricane electric bike city bike

The KBO Hurricane’s stealthy design does a good job at hiding its impressive electronics, but its solid performance and price make it stand out. The bike is 36 lbs. The bike is designed for city riding and features a durable belt drive, wheels, and integrated LED headlight.

The KBO Hurricane is the closest ebike to a regular hybrid bike out of all the ones on this list. The 250W provides enough power to keep you afloat, while the LG/Samsung 36V 9.6Ah battery fits neatly in the downtube. The LCD LCD display is backlit and shows important metrics such speed, battery health, as well as the three levels for pedal assistance. I’m happy to see that KBO chose mechanical disc brakes to provide dependable stopping power.

If you’re on a tighter budget, this bike is a great alternative to the slightly higher-spec Roadster V2 and RadMission 1 on this list. It doesn’t score a perfect 10 because of its light motor, but it’s still well worth the money. For people interested in ebikes but aren’t fully convinced yet, the Hurricane is a capable option that won’t overwhelm you with extra features.


  • Quality Samsung 9.6Ah battery
  • It is very lightweight at 36 lbs.
  • LCD display on handlebars
  • Belt drive and mechanical disc brakes


  • It is not the most powerful motor.

Price: $899

How to Choose the Best Ebike

When searching for the ideal bike for you, it’s important to reflect on your riding style and preferences. This roundup includes a variety of ebike types, including foldable, mountain, commuter, and city models. You should think about where you will be riding your bike the most and then choose the right category. Look through the options and pick the bike that best suits your needs.

Last, choose the size frame that best suits your leg length and height. There’s no single size chart for ebikes since they can be so different, so check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).

What price is an e-bike worth?

Ebikes priced between $600-$800 don’t make a good investment. They have low-quality parts that are slow to wear and cause premature failure. Ebikes have a higher quality and last longer than other bikes, especially if they are priced at $1,000.
The bikes on this list are all around $1,000. They’re a great choice for beginner riders and are a good entry-level option. The price range for mid-tier ebikes is $1,500 to $3,000 while the premium models are upwards of $4,000.

How do I choose the right electric bike?

Consider your riding preferences and needs first. There are many subcategories for electric bikes that can be used on smooth roads, mountain trails, snow and other terrains. Decide on how much you’d like to spend and take a look at retailers that offer a few models within your budget. While many stores are out of stock of bikes, try to test ride several models to understand what you like and don’t like. To determine if the bike suits you, consider the entire package, including accessories and warranties.

What’s the most reliable electric bike?

Ebikes are complex machines. It can be difficult to determine which models are more reliable. But the motor and battery are the most important components. Typically, when these parts are branded from a well-known manufacturer like Samsung, Bafang, or Shimano, it’s a clue they are a step above the rest.

Ancheer electric bikes are made where?

Ancheer electric bikes, like many other ebikes on the market today, are made in China and Taiwan. Ancheer is a well-known brand in the fitness and health industry and makes several affordable ebike models.

What electric bike lasts the longest?

An ebike’s range is largely dependent on its battery capacity, which is measured in amp-hours (Ah). The battery management system (BMS), which helps to optimize the battery’s performance and extend its lifespan, is also a great option. The majority of ebike battery ranges between 9Ah to 10Ah. The FIIDO D11 bike with a 11.6Ah ebike battery is the most powerful.

Which are the 10 best electric mountain bikes?

Our recent article, The 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes, offers recommendations for the best electric mountain bikes available. They’re significantly more expensive than the bikes on this list, but their premium specs and impressive designs are worth it to the dedicated rider. Santa Cruz, Specialized, Canyon, and Canyon are my top eMTBs.

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