Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits & How to Use Them

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits

While e-bikes have become more popular than ever before, they can also be quite costly. They can also take up much space and are very difficult to move. And did I mention how expensive they can be? If you’re reading this article, chances are that you already have a bike, and buying an e-bike could be a huge purchase on top of that.

You can now buy ebike conversion kit add-ons for just a few hundred bucks and transform your beloved bike into an electric-bike. These electric bike conversion kit are amazing in their ability transform a regular bike into an e-bike. You can now get to the shop faster, commute more efficiently, and find parking anywhere in the world.

It’s no wonder why e-bikes are so popular, but it is odd that e-bike conversion kits aren’t.

Conversion kits for electric bikes are simple to set up and far more affordable than full-on ebikes. If you’re looking for an electric bike conversion kit, you’ve come to the right place. These are the best ebike kits for any type of ride.

Here’s our selection of the top electric bike conversion kits.


Conversion kits for electric bikes

Simply put, it is an acronym for Kit for electric bike conversion This kit converts an ordinary bike into an electric-bike. An electric bike conversion kit transforms a normal bicycle into an e-bike. motor You can convert a regular bike into an electric-bike.

Conversion kits for electric bikes are cheaper than ebikes and cost around $200-900. E-bikes can cover a wide range of prices, from $1,000 to $5,000 (and up to $10,000 for high-end models).

Summary: Even though the most expensive and best e-bike conversion kits cost more than entry-level bikes, they are still much cheaper than their equivalents.

It is possible to wonder how an electric bike conversion kit works. Simply attach the kit to your regular bike and then you can use the motor the same way you would with a normal ebike via a pedal-assist or throttle.

Keep in mind that the electric bike conversion kits are not included. Must be compatible With your bike, it usually comes down the size of the wheel or bottom bracket depending on where the conversion kit is mounted.

Below we’ll go over how to set up your electric bike conversion kits. Here’s a list of the top electric bike conversion kits.


Best Electric Bike Conversion Systems

NBPower 3000W E-Bike Conversion Kit  

NBPower Electric Bike Conversion Kit

MSRP: $679.00

  • Motor options for 48V-60V or 72V
  • Mounted rear-wheel
  • Programmable controller


The most powerful and reliable electric bike conversion kit we have ever seen, the NBPower conversion kit Is literally It is twice as powerful As the best kit. At 3000WThe NBPower brushless, gearless motor is very similar to a motorcycle.

Designed for all types of bikes, this kit comes with many different wheel sizes from 20” to 29”, plus 700C. The Sunringle double-wall alloy rims are strong and stable because you’re more than likely going to be ripping around town with this e-bike conversion kit.

This kit makes use of a huge 72V battery The package includes a programmable Sabvoton Control and a TFT UKC1 Colour Display. To keep your bike safe, there is a Pedal Assist System(PAS) as well as an Alarm.

Although you may be able find smaller batteries, such as 48V and 60V, the motor will still be the powerful 3000W kit. This kit is extremely powerful because the motor is integrated into the rear wheels. Speed range between 12-62mph.

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Although the kit will be administered by default to street legality, the limits are remarkable.

Riders looking for an ebike that is also a motorcycle can consider the NBPower with its 3000W.

Watts, battery power, range. What is the kit made of? Who can it be used for?


Bafang Mid-Drive Kit 750W

Bafang 750W conversion kit

MSRP: $899.99 (with Yingwu48V20Ah battery

  • Numerous battery options
  • High-quality components
  • Lightweight motor weighs just 9.5 lbs.


Bafang It is one of most well-known companies in the ebike industry, and its products are among the best.

The price will reflect this, but you can be sure you’re getting only the best quality. Bafang’s mid-drive kit comes with a variety of battery options, but the battery can be added or removed at your option.

You can choose which size chainring to fit it. Motor 750WThe display screen and the display panel. This kit is positioned at the crank, which is why it’s called “mid-drive.”

This kit is powerful enough to go anywhere. Up to 25 mph on flat roads, whereas the range will depend on which battery you choose – the Bafang mid-drive kit is available with nine different battery options, providing the most compatibility in this entire list.

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The pedal-assist and throttle provide power. However, the maximum wattage of the motor is only 1470W.


EBIKELING Conversion Kit for Waterproof eBikes

EBIKELING electric bike kit

MSRP: $379.99 (with front 705w engine)

  • Hub motors available in a huge range (350W, 500W, 1200W, or 1500W).
  • Front or rear hub motor
  • Compatible with either 36V or 48V batteries


The Ebikeling This waterproof e-bike conversion kit has more features than you may think.

There are four different hub motors You have a wide selection of options. From 350W You can go all the way up Up to 1500W. This kit is suitable for all riders, whether they are beginner or experienced ebike commuters.

You can choose the smaller motors for beginners. You can save money while still enjoying all the benefits of an electric bike conversion kit. Large batteries and powerful motors are for experienced riders or those who want more power and range.

Optionality is where the Ebikeling waterproof e-bike conversion kit shines, and from the motor to the batteries, this continues on to the conversion kit’s mounting.

This kit can be used for front or back mounting and can be used with rear, front, or dual suspension bikes.

Even though it is optional, you can buy a brake kit that includes the Ebikeling conversion kit. The kit includes disc brakes and V-brakes as well as calipers or cantilevers.

You also have the option of thumb throttle or twist throttle and you can choose from two LCD display systems. If all those options weren’t enough, the Ebikeling conversion kit is also compatible with 20”, 26”, or 700C wheels. They are waterproof, too.


Kit with LCD Display AW 1000W Electric Bike Motor Kit  

AW 1000W

MSRP: $295.90

  • Mounted rear-wheel
  • Durability and value
  • 48V battery


The AW 1000W The rear hub motor is the most affordable electric bike conversion kit. It also comes with a dual mode controller, which prolongs the system’s life.

You can control the pedal-assist by pressing a button with the thumb throttle controller.

The display system can also be used to show the remaining battery life, speed, headlight status, gearing, etc. This kit can be used with the following: 48V batteryThis gives it a slightly smaller range than better-specced and more expensive e-bike conversion kit.

With 1000W of power, the AW e-bike conversion kit is low-to-mid range in terms of overall power, but that doesn’t mean it has any missing capabilities.

The kit has a top speed of 32mph and a dual-mode controller that gives you many power options. This kit is compatible with 26” wheels, which may be a bit limiting for some riders.


JauoPay 1000W Brushless and Gearless Electric Bicycle Conversion Set

JauoPay electric bike conversion kit

MSRP: $213.99

  • Great value
  • 1000W hub motor for wheel
  • 8.-point PAS


The brushless electric bike converter kit is among the most affordable on the market. However, it’s still powerful.

With a 1000W Hub motor 28V battery (not included).The JauoPay kit A top speed of 28mphHowever, it is limited to 750W as a road-legal bike and 24mph at 125 mph.

Despite being a low-cost kit, you can still find a Pedal Assist System in the JauoPay Electric Bike Conversion Kit. It has eight settings. You can use the twist throttle or the hub motor to activate this system.

JauoPay is the perfect kit for anyone looking to start in the world of e-bike converter kits.

The whole kit is less than $200. It includes the 1000W hub motor, intelligent control, twist throttle, brake levers and 8-point Pas.


Voilamart 1500W eBike Motor Kit

Voilamart 1500W kit

MSRP: $307.99

  • Massive load capacity
  • 1500W motor and 48V battery (sold separately).
  • Pedal Assistance Systems (PAS).


The Voilamart This e-bike kit converts to electric bikes and is a great all-rounder because of its power and overall value.

With a 1500W motorThe kit can go up to 34 MPH on the road. However, it has a maximum power consumption of 750W and a speed limit of 24 MPH in its default settings. Street legal.

The Pedal Assistance System is a device that allows you to drive one of the most powerful conversion kits for electric bikes. It has a maximum weight of 551 lbs.

The kit contains the 1500W brushless engine, rear-wheel with 7 speed cassette, motor controller and cables ties. There are also cables ties, plastic coils, wire hub, twist throttle and a pair brake handles.

You can also extend the battery’s range by switching the motor from Hall effect to non-Hall effect, or vice versa, using the dual-mode controller. This kit doesn’t include a battery, which is why the price is so low.

The Voilamart eBike Motor Kit has specific recommendations and listing for compatible batteries. It will cost approximately $250. This kit is CE and EN15194 approved for 48V battery cells with a nominal capacity of at least 14.5Ah.

After the battery is installed, the kit will provide a good range and be comparable to other electric bike conversion kits.


How to Convert an Electric Bike Conversion kit

The biggest problem with electric bike conversion kits is their difficulty in putting them together. There is no universal size for electric bike conversion kits. Each kit comes with its own set instructions.

This is because electric bike conversion kits fit your bike in different ways – the main options are electric bike wheel conversion, mid-drive conversion, or friction-drive conversion.

Many of these kits are wheel conversion kits. This means that you can add the electric motor to the front or back wheels. These kits are easy to put together and require only minor disassembly.

Mid-drive kits are electric bikes that attach somewhere in middle of frame, often around the bottom bracket.

This results in a better weight distribution. However, the setup can be challenging because it often involves bottom bracket standards and other conversion kits.

One of the easiest solutions is the friction-drive kit. This kit includes a roller which pushes the tire forward, increasing the rotation.

We didn’t include any of this style of kit in this review of the best electric bike conversion kits – and that’s because, frankly, friction-drive kits are not good.

These are very easy to assemble, but they don’t have the same effectiveness as mid-drive systems or electric wheel converters.


Here are some things to keep in mind

Electric bike conversion kit can be an interesting way to upgrade an electric bike

To reduce risk when shopping for an electric bicycle conversion kit, here are some things to consider.

One of those is how much can your bike handle – e-bike conversion kits, which include motors, battery, cables, throttles, and more, are quite heavy.

A conversion kit for an electric bike can add up to 15+kg to the weight of a bike that is older or more fragile.

It is also important to consider where you plan to ride, and how. A 1500W motor is not necessary if you are commuting on a flat route and want to increase your speed.

However, if you’re looking for an e-bike conversion kit that can help you tackle all-day mountain-climbing epics, then a powerful and long-lasting electric bike conversion kit is exactly what you need.

Compatibility can be a major sticking point as well, especially for mid-drive e-bike conversion kits which mount onto the bike’s bottom bracket. These kits often work with only certain standards, so you’ll want to double-check the compatibility before making the big purchase.

A conversion kit for an electric bike can pose a safety risk. These systems can be heavy and bulky. Some have more than 1000W available at the push of a button, which can be scary for those who’ve never felt that before.

Most electric bike conversion kits are limited by default to 750W and 24mph – this makes them street-legal and ultimately safer. If you’re thinking about turning the limiter off, make sure you know what you’re doing because there is a lot of power in that throttle.  


Frequently Asked Question

You can generally convert any bike into an electric-bike. E-bike conversion kits can be used with almost all normal bikes provided they are compatible. You will need an electric bike that is compatible with the type of conversion kit you have.

The majority of electric bike conversion kits work with hybrid bikes, city bikes, and road bikes. Matching up compatibility with mountain or off-road bikes can prove more challenging.

Yes! Yes! E-bikes or bikes with electric conversion kits make it easier to get to work and to take your kids to school. They are more convenient to store and park, are less expensive than cars and are much more enjoyable than cars.

One of the best parts of e-bike conversion kits is that they fit onto the bike that you already have, meaning that you don’t need to worry about changing your bike fit, your saddle, or your riding position in order to reap all the benefits of having an e-bike.

The most affordable e-bike conversion kit starts at $300. While the highest quality and most powerful kits cost around $900, they are very affordable. This is significantly lower than buying an ebike. E-bikes can be expensive, ranging from $1000 up to $5000.

Due to its exceptional value and overall capabilities, JauoPay is the best DIY e-bike conversion kit. The JauoPay is the most affordable electric bike converter kit, and has the same power and battery life of other e-bike kits.

Bafang has a wide range of electric bike conversion kits. Bafang is a well-respected brand for its high quality electric bike conversion kits.

Mountain bikes can take electric bike conversion kits like any other bike. You will need to install the e-bike conversion kits in different ways depending on what type you have.

With an electric wheel conversion, you will need to swap out one of the mountain bike’s wheels with an electric wheel that contains the motor. If this option isn’t suitable, you should go with a mid-drive electric bike conversion kit that attaches to or around the mountain bike’s bottom bracket. Because of its weight distribution, this is the best mountain bike style.


Are Electric Bike Conversion Kits Valueable?

Converting an electric bike conversion kit can be one of the most difficult parts. Attaching your ebike converter kit to your regular bicycle is a simple task.

Although some systems are more straightforward than others, they all require a fair amount of work. It takes as much, if not more, work to convert the bike back once it is installed.

However, electric bike conversion kits can make your bicycle ride more enjoyable.

E-bike conversion kits are the cheaper and easier way to own an e-bike, so if you’re not ready to make the jump (or if your wallet can’t quite handle it), then an electric bike conversion kit could be perfect for you.

An ebike conversion kit could save you the cost of a car. With a powerful motor and hundreds of pounds in potential loading capacity, you could do all of your shopping and commuting on the easy to ride, easy to park, and easy to store bicycle – with an e-bike conversion kit, of course.

E-bikes and bikes that have an ebike conversion kit are a great way to save money, time, and energy. E-bikes can be used to get outside more often, exercise more, and provide more mental health benefits than sitting in traffic.

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