The Ultimate Guide to Best BMX Bikes for 2022

(Last update on April 7, 2022

Whether you’re a young kid dreaming of the X-Games or a seasoned adult rider getting back into BMX, the search for the perfect bike just got easier. I’ve put together a complete guide on the best BMX bikes for sale in 2022.

All BMX bikes don’t look the same. This is why I chose only high-quality models. They are smooth to ride and can withstand harsh abuse at the track or skatepark. No matter your age or skill level, you will find the perfect BMX match.

What is BMX?

BMX is a category of bikes that has a variety of features. Long history This subculture is one of the most popular in cycling. This form of biking is loved by everyone, young and old. It includes stunt riding, circuit racing, and even stomping down busy streets. BMX bikes come in shapes and sizes depending on where you typically ride—maybe a better question to ask is, what isn’t BMX?

Fun fact: BMX means bicycle motocross. Back in the early 1970s, young motocross fans imitated the sport’s high-speed action by hosting their own dirt track races using bicycles. California’s motocross movement gained popularity quickly. They expanded their racing activities to include freestyle riding and tricks. BMX’s heyday was in the 80s, when kids and adults participated in the sport.

BMX is still very popular in skateparks, and among adults who are reintroducing themselves to retro-style bikes. The newest wave in BMX culture is the urban “BikeLife” movement, where street riders in Philadelphia, NYC, and elsewhere pop wheelies and show off their skills on bikes with large 26” or 29” wheels.

The 6 Types Of BMX Bikes

Here’s a breakdown of the main BMX designs:

  • Race—Based on motocross circuits, racing on dirt or paved tracks with undulating terrain and moderate jumps. The bikes used in racing are lighter and have thinner tires. They also come with a rear disc brake.
  • Dirt Jump/Park/Street— A mix of racing, small jumps, aerial stunts, and navigating obstacles on man-made dirt courses or skate parks. This is the most commonly used form of BMX.
  • Flatland— Performing tricks, stunts, and spins on a large flat surface such as a parking lot or dedicated BMX zone.
  • Vert— Big air jumps off of half-pipes or large ramps. This category is reserved for professionals and serious riders (think X-Games). More risk-averse riders like you and I probably won’t be flying over 20 ft. in the air with a BMX bike any time soon.
  • Retro— Modern bikes designed to look like original models from the 1970s and 80s.
  • BikeLife— Built for city riding, typically with 26” or 29” wheels. 24” and 27.5” models are also common sizes. It is easier to wheelie with larger bikes and smaller gearing.

These BMX Bikes: How I Choosed Them

I have updated this roundup to include the 2022 best BMX bikes. There are many models available in BMX, which is one of the most diverse and popular bike categories. I focused on quality BMX brands, and selected the best options for the main types. These criteria were used to determine my ratings.

  • Utility: Purpose-built for the specific type of BMX riding with features that enhance riding, whether that’s doing jumps, stunts, racing, etc.
  • Ride feel: Quality components that make for a smooth riding experience, so you can concentrate on BMX trick.
  • Durability: BMX riding involves a lot of falling and scraping, so the bikes are subject to some serious use and abuse— they should be well-built, tough set-ups.
  • PriceEveryone loves a good deal. While some bikes may be affordable, others can be expensive and high-end.

Check out the Top BMX Bikes for 2022.

Model Type BMX Dimensions of wheels Price Brakes? Skill level
Mafiabikes Kush 2+ Dirt jump/park/street 20” $349 x Beginner/Intermediate
We The People Audio 22 Dirt jump/park/street 22” $889   Advanced
Haro Bikes Racelite   Race 20” $639 – $689 x Advanced
Kink Liberty Freestyle 20” $459   Intermediate
Cleary Owl 20   Kids BMX 20” $430 x Beginning

Best BMX bike for beginners

Mafiabikes Kush 2+

Rating: 8.5/10

Mafiabikes offers the Kush 2+ entry-level bike at a very affordable price. This new bike, which is an upgrade of the Kush 2 model comes with improved frame and wheel design to increase durability.

More and more people worldwide are getting into BMX, and British brand Mafiabikes understands how to combine quality specs and good looks in a package that’s perfect for riders just starting out. You can choose from a variety of colors for the Kush 2+. The bike comes with fat 2.4” Lagos Crawler tires, but you can purchase colored and patterned Lagos tires from Mafiabikes’ website.

The classic frame shape features a CNC machined internal headset, sealed bottom bracket, and top load stem— major upgrades from the Kush 2. Pro features include the 4130 3-piece cranks, double-wall tires that are durable enough to withstand heavy skating at the skatepark. The 25t/9t gearing is pretty standard for a freestyle BMX, and the 20.4” top tube fits most teens and adults. The extra weight and solid components of the mid-tier component would have earned it a perfect 10, but they were not necessary.

The Kush 2+ is a bike that’s both stylish and affordable, making it a great choice for those who are still learning BMX. Mafiabikes claims it is the most complete entry-level BMX bike out there, and I’m tempted to agree.


  • Modernized durable frame construction
  • Triple-piece crank and double-walled wheels
  • There are many color options

Price: $349

Best BMX Bike to Ride for Adult Riders

We The People Audio 22

Rating: 9/10

We The People Audio 22 pro BMX bike

The German-designed Audio 22 is built around a larger 22” diameter wheel ideal for fast-paced trail riding or taller riders searching for the perfect fit. BMX bikes normally use 20” or 24” wheels, but who’s to say 22” isn’t the perfect hybrid? The We the People brand is convinced of its benefits, and I’m happy to see their commitment to innovation.

This top-tier bike is designed for advanced riders (there aren’t any brakes) and comes with a heftier price tag than other models on this list. The Audio features a full-chromoly aftermarket spec frame with brawny handlebars to withstand heavy riding and stunts. Saltplus Pro48 3-piece cranks are compatible with the Salt Mid sealed bearing bottom bracket.

The Audio shows that the bigger 22” size isn’t only for trail riders but also works perfectly for street and park riding. There’s room for pegs if that’s your style and the large wheels roll better over obstacles and jumps. The double walled rims are matched with We The People’s Overbite 2.3” tires for plenty of grip and some cushion.

 It’s only available in one colorway, but I’m a huge fan of that matte aqua red paint job. It would have got a perfect 10 if not for high price tag and innovative but not-for-everyone 22” size.

Join the 22” BMX revolution with this high-spec bike made to break the rules and surpass expectations. For older or taller riders, the increased size makes it easy to get back in BMX. We the People show that the Audio, with its classic BMX feel combined with large-wheel advantages, could be the future.


  • Innovative 22” wheel size
  • Ideal for tall riders as well as adults
  • High-end componentry, frame construction


  • Perhaps too big for dedicated freestyle riders or young riders.

Price: $889

Best Racing BMX Bike

Haro Bikes Racelite

Rating: 9/10

Haro Bikes Racelite racing BMX bike

This podium-worthy bike was designed for racing, as you can probably tell from the name. The Racelite model combines a lightweight 6061 alloy frame and skinnier 20” wheels to be more competitive on dirt or paved race circuits. Haro Bikes is a well-known brand in BMX, and you can trust their quality construction and componentry.

Racelite comes in a variety of frame sizes, from pro-XL to micro-mini. This means that riders of all heights and ages can enjoy this speed machine. If you race in that category, there’s also a 24” wheel version. To improve power transfer, the BB86 press-fit lower bracket and the oversized down tube provide stiffness.

The 3D dropouts have integrated chain adjusters, which allow for the best chain tension. The realtively high cost of this model makes it not worthy of full marks. Promax’s mechanical disc brake comes with a 160mm rotor on the larger models. This is a great option for BMX bikes without rim brakes.

 The Kenda Konversion 20” tires have two widths — 1.65” front and 1.5” rear. The Haro Racinglite is ideal for dedicated BMX riders of all ages who want to win tech.


  • Stiff, light frame
  • Rear mechanical disk brake
  • High quality components and race-specific tire widths
  • Available in a variety of frame sizes


  • Only the larger models are equipped with disc brakes

Price: $639 – $689

Best Value BMX Bike

Kink Liberty

Rating: 9.5/10

Kink Liberty BMX bike

The Kink Liberty is the ultimate freestyle machine, a full-featured machine from one of the most respected brands in BMX. It also comes at a very affordable price. The only bike in this list with pegs is the Liberty. This bike is not for beginners, and its strong frame and brakes confirm that it’s meant for them. However, the price tag of less than $500 makes it affordable to everyone.

The Liberty is built around a solid 4130 Chromoly frame The Mission headset is built to withstand stunts, jumps and inevitable falls. The Kink Bold 50mm stem makes it easy to put a lot of power through the bike. The traditional 25t/9t transmission can be used with the 3-piece 8 spline cranks. The fat Kink Sever 2.4” tires have lots of surface area and provide a nice amount of shock absorption.

Many of the components are Kink parts which are highly-built and ready for action at the skatepark. Keeping production in-house keeps the bike’s cost down, but I’m hard-pressed to find any flaws in the overall package. For committed BMXers that want to upgrade their set-up on a budget, the flashy Kink Liberty won’t disappoint.


  • High quality, durable frame
  • Wide 2.4” tires for extra cushion
  • Solid components throughout


  • Some riders may not have brakes.

Price: $459

Best Kids’ BMX Bike

Cleary Owl 20

Rating: 8/10

Cleary Owl 20 inch kids' BMX bike red

While not a true BMX bike, the Clearly Owl is an impressive kids’ bike perfect for young riders interested in developing their BMX skills. The 20” wheel size is the same as traditional BMX bikes, and the Owl comes with both front and rear brakes so kids can practice jumps and tricks a bit more safely.

This bike is suitable for most 5- to 7-year olds. It can be used on dirt trails and pavement as well as around skateparks. The bike only weighs 19 lbs due to its lightweight 1020 alloy frameset. This deluxe children’s bike features a 3-piece crank and an FSA bottom bracket. You can switch between fixed or freewheel sizes with the rear flip flop hub.

The Tektro junior v brakes at the rear and front provide reliable stopping power. The 20” x 1.9” all-terrain tires offer plenty of grip and roll fast on smooth surfaces. Cleary is a brand that understands fashion and offers the bike in red and graphite with a vegan-leather saddle. It’s quite expensive for a kids bike which prevents me from rating it a 10.

The BMX design has been Children love it when they’re first starting out on bikes. The bikes often look cool but aren’t necessarily built for use outside of the skatepark or race circuits. Cleary Owl looks great, and it’s practical to ride around the park or to school. If you’re looking for a BMX-inspired bike that’s also perfect for family rides in the neighborhood, the Owl does it all.


  • Frame lightweight
  • Front and back Tektro Rim brakes
  • Design in a variety of colors


  • It’s a bit pricey for what it is.

Price: $430

How to Choose the Best BMX Bike

There are many BMX bikes available. It can be difficult to find the right one for you. These steps will help you quickly narrow down your options for BMX bikes.

1. Choose the BMX Type

You should think about what type of BMX bike suits you and your future plans. There are two main types of BMX bikes: racing and freestyle. For use in the city and on the skatepark, casual BMX riders prefer freestyle models.

2. Choose a Frame Size

Every BMX bike comes with a unique frame size system. Each size has its own name. For a recommendation on the best size frame, please see our size chart.

3. Size of the wheels

The most common wheel diameter is 20”. Some races use 24” wheels, and taller riders can fit better on 22” or 24” rims. Kids aged 8 and under can ride 16” or 18” rims.

4. Browse Bikes and Top Features

Now’s the fun part— look through options to see what bikes have componentry, tech, and accessories that fit your preferences.

5. How much to spend?

It is crucial to consider the price when buying a bicycle. Race bikes are usually more expensive than freestyle bikes, and they can be as high as $600. Mid-tier bikes are about $400-$600; high-end bikes can go over $1,000.


Height (ft/in). Age Frame Size Suggestions for a Top Tube  Length (in) Suggested Size for Wheels
UP TO 4′ Less than 6 MICRO MINI 15.25″ to 16.50″ 16 x 1′
4′ to 4′ 4″ 6-8 MINI 16.75″ to 17.50″ 18 x 1”
20 x 1-1/8
4′ 3″ to 4′ 7″ 8-10 JUNIOR 17.75″ to 18.50″ 20 x 1-1/8
4′ 6″ to 5′ 5″ 9-12 EXPERT 18.75″ to 19.50″ 20 x 1.5
24 x 1.5
5′ 4″ to 5′ 8″ 12-14 PRO 19.75″ to 20.50″ 20 x 1.75
24 x 1.75
5′ 8″ & UP 14+ PRO XL 20.75″ to 21.50″ 20 x 1.75
24 x 1.75

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).

Which BMX brand do you think is the best?

Original BMX manufacturers Haro Bikes (Schwinn), Mongoose and Redline continue to manufacture high-quality bikes. Some of the most popular BMX models are now made by newer brands, such as Kink, Mafiabikes and Sunday.

What BMX bikes do pro riders ride?

Professional BMX athletes typically ride bikes with 20” wheels and a top tube that measures between 20.5” to 22” in length. Frames that are that size are labeled as “Pro” size, with other styles available for smaller or younger BMXers. Young kids use smaller frames and sometimes start out with 18” wheels.

Is BMX still popular?

The BMX category is still one of the most diverse and popular subcultures of bicycle riding in America and the world. BMX bikes can be ridden by both children and adults due to their small size. Many people are now returning to BMX with retro-style bikes after BMX’s golden age in the 1980s.

What does BMX mean?

BMX is an abbreviation for “bicycle motocross”. The sport was born in 1970s when children raced their bikes along dirt roads imitating motocross stars. BMX evolved into a formal sport, where bikes were raced on dirt tracks or paved roads. The sport also included freestyle riding that featured tricks, jumps, stunts, and other tricks.

What is a good BMX bicycle for a 13 year old?

For teens who are just starting to BMX, I recommend the Mafiabikes Kink 2+. The Kink Liberty, a cost-effective upgrade that is great for experienced BMX riders, is a good choice. From the BMX-specific sizing rules, most 13-year-olds will fit an “Expert” or “Pro” sized frame. Take their height and match it with our BMX size chart.

Which BMX size should you get?

BMX bikes have their own sizing system where frame sizes range from “Micro Mini” up to “Pro XL”. From the smallest to the largest size, there are micro-mini, junior, expert and expert XL sizes. You can find the best option for you by looking at our detailed BMX sizing charts.

Which BMX is the best?

With so many different types of BMX riding, it’s impossible to choose just one bike that reigns supreme. Haro Bikes Racelite is a great choice for BMX racing. They come in a range of sizes. My favorite freestyle BMX is the We The People Audio, with its 22” wheels that are ultra-fast and comfortable for adult riders.

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