The Comprehensive Guide to the Best Bike Bells for 2022

(Last update on May 11, 2022

Believe it or not, there are bike bells beyond those gimmicky squeezable horns mounted on your local bike shop’s wall. I’ve picked out the best bike bells on the market that make you heard and add some flair to your handlebars. This updated list contains the top bike bells for 2022.

What is a Quality Bike Bell and Why Is It Important?

Ring ring… a bike bell’s primary function is to alert people that a bike is near, so it needs to be sufficiently loud. It is easy to meet this requirement. However, the real devil lies in the details of a high-quality bell that emits a clear and loud sound.

It takes dedication to metalworking and craftsmanship to create the most durable bike bells. From fun designs to elegant metal finishes, there’s a bike bell for everyone to increase safety and ensure that people can hear a bike approaching.

Types of bike bells

There are many options for bike bells. Below is a breakdown of each type.

Classic Cycle Bell

Traditional bell designs have a brass or steel dome that dings when you press the lever with your thumb. Older bells featured a double-ding sound caused by the internals of the bell striking two metal rings near the bell’s rim.

These days it’s more common to see a simpler setup in which your thumb flicks a tab that hits the bell’s dome, resulting in that familiar single ring. High quality bike bells usually produce 80 to 100 ringing sounds. Decibels. The fewer plastic parts, the better because they won’t last as long as metal components.

Air Horn

It’s more of a novelty or children’s bike accessory. air horns Send a blast through a small opening to produce a loud sound. It can sometimes reach 120 decibels. Air horns were an extremely popular choice in the past, but they can be fun to add some funky designs like a plastic hamburger or retro horn to your handlebars.

Warning: The bell type can be very loud and may cause people to feel uncomfortable. That said, it’s a creative choice for kids bikes or commuters that compete with noisy cars during rush hour.

Electric Horns and Continuous Bells

 It makes sense to have electric bells, considering all the electronic accessories for bicycles on the market. The bell’s button is pressed by riders to activate the speaker, which alerts passersby when a bike is coming.

The following are not included on this list: Rockbros Electra Bike Bell This is a popular model. The Timber bell is another unique design. mountain bike bell that rings continuously (but can be silenced) to alert nearby cyclists and allows you to focus on using your hands to steer and brake— more information on that bell later.

How to Pick the Right Bell for You: Buyer’s Guide

Many riders don’t think twice about the kind of bell on their bike, but choosing the right bell can make a huge difference while out on a ride. Read through this buyer’s guide to learn about what to look for in a bike bell.

How loud should my bike bell be?

Bike bells should be loud enough to alert people of your presence but not too blaring that it’s uncomfortable on the ears. Consider the environment you’ll be riding in and any background noise that your bell will have to compensate for.

A quieter bell is fine for bike paths. However, you might need a more powerful horn if you are riding in a busy city. Loud bike bells are more effective for people who commute near cars or mountain bikers riding fast trails.

How should my Bell look?

You have the option of choosing between simple, elegant designs or striking bike bells. We’ve all seen those ridiculous, oversized bike bells in the shape of an animal or a hamburger hanging on our local bike shop wall. We prefer a more subtle look, so think about whether you want to hide your bell or add some flair to your handlebars.

The Knog Oi bell is space-saving and stylish. It doesn’t affect the design of your bike. The Electra Ringer is available in a variety fun designs so you can show it off.


As a bike mechanic, I can comfortably say that I’ve seen many more broken bells than functioning ones. Cheap bells with plastic parts don’t stand up well to daily use and harsh weather and are almost impossible to repair. You can find many affordable metal bells for your bike that will last a lifetime.

What’s a Good Price?

You can find quality bells at any price range. Higher quality bells will last longer and look better if you spend more. Bells that are affordable work just as well, but may include plastic components to lower costs.

Handlebar compatibility

You should ensure that the bell you select will fit your handlebars. Bike bells will fit on standard handlebar sizes. But extra parts, such as brakes, shifters and cables, can make it difficult to install. Because kids bikes have smaller handlebars than adults, double-check that the bell can fit securely.

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How I Choose the Best Bike Bells in 2022

I’ve selected the best bike bells of 2022 based on technical specs, user reviews, and expert opinions. There are many bell options, from simple plastic horns and boutique titanium designs. However, there are some bells that stand out.

I began my research with well-respected bell manufacturers Knog, Spurcycle, as well as their flagship models. Based on these criteria, I evaluated many bells and assigned each finalist a rating of 10.

  • Sound: First thing’s first, bike bells have to be loud enough. These bells have a pleasanter tone than standard bells.
  • DurabilityBells are frequently used and are exposed to the weather. Quality metal parts increase a bell’s lifespan
  • AestheticBike bells should be stylish and functional. You can choose from fun, funky designs or elegant brushed steel.
  • Price: Everyone likes a deal. Bells are a finishing touch that shouldn’t be hard on your wallet.

Compare the Best Bike Bells in One Place

Model Summary Material Rating Price
Bonmixc Brass Mini Bike Bell Best Budget Bike Bell Plastic/brass 9/10 $7  
Spurcycle Original Bell   Best bike bell if money is not an object Stainless steel/brass/aluminum 9/10 $49
Knog Oi Classic Bell   Best Discreet Bell Bike Bell Aluminium 9.5/10 $20
Trigger Bell   The Best Bike Bell for Safety Brass/plastic 9/10 $10
Lion Urban Bell Best Bike Bells for Vintage Style Nickel silver alloy 8.5/10 $25
Timber! Bike Bell Best Mountain Bike Bell Brass 8/10 $25
Electra Ringer Bike Bell The Classic and Most Fun Bike Bells Aluminum alloy 9/10 $13

Best Bike Bells 2022

Best Budget Bike Bell

Bonmixc Brass Mini Bike Bell

Rating: 9/10

Bonmixc Brass Mini, a compact bell with a lot of punch, is easy on the wallet. It’s a smaller version of the classic brass bell design and has the same familiar double-ding sound that rings out clearly. The indiscrete accessory neatly fits on your handlebars, even if there isn’t much space, and is available in either a silver or gold finish.

The Bonmixc Mini bell is the most affordable on this list. It also comes in a 2-pack at $10 for a better deal. It’s features a plastic and brass construction which isn’t the most durable, docking a point from my rating. If you’re on the hunt for a straightforward, budget-friendly bell, this model is a great choice.


  • Very affordable
  • Available in gold or silver finish
  • Clear and loud ring


  • Less durable plastic parts

Price: $7

Best Bike Bell when Money is No Object

Spurcycle Original Bell

Rating: 9/10

The elegant Spurcycle Original bell combines style and function seamlessly. The bell’s vintage design has a modern, pleasant sound that rings three times longer than other bells. The dome, which is hand-brushed is made from a brass and stainless steel alloy and is paired together with an aluminum hammer.

You can expect this bell to ring for many years because the metal parts are more durable than plastic. It’s manufactured in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can choose from a black or raw finish for the bell, which is perfect to match your vintage frame or high-end road bike.

The Spurcycle Original emits a loud, long-lasting sound that is both audible and alerts others. This bell can be expensive but will add a retro flair to any bike.


  • Loud, long-lasting ring
  • High-quality metal parts
  • Elegant, vintage flair

Price: $49

Best Discreet Bell Bike Bell

Knog Oi Classic

Rating: 9.5/10

The Knog Oi Classic is a beautiful example of how bike bells can be elegant, simple works of engineering. The unique design ditches the traditional domed bell shape in favor of a spring loaded actuator built into mount. The mount and bell body combine to create a seamless appearance that matches any handlebar.

This one-of-a kind bell is struck using the thumb. It produces a pleasant mid-range sound. The Knog Oi isn’t the loudest option out there, docking a point from my rating, but you probably have other priorities if you own this bell.

The bell comes in two sizes that’ll fit most handlebar diameters, but there are additional spacers if you need them. The Knog Oi is ideal for riders that want a streamlined look that doesn’t distract from their bike’s aesthetic. This stylish accessory may convince those cyclists who aren’t hesitant about installing an ugly, intrusive bell on their bikes.


  • Hidden, understated design
  • Tone that is ear-friendly
  • There are four colors to choose from


It is not the loudest bell

Price: $20

The Best Bike Bell for Safety

Trigger Bell

Rating: 9/10

The Trigger Bell separates from the rest of the pack by mounting close to your brake lever, so you don’t have to move your hand to ring the bell. This ultra-compatible design fits in right next to any handlebar setup including roadbike drop bars and traditional flat bars.

It is claimed that the brand’s design is safer because you can press the brake while your thumb rings it. It’s ideal for sticky situations where you need to alert people of your presence and slow down. The standard dome in black looks great on any bicycle and this useful feature goes well with it. The Trigger Bell offers an affordable alternative with a clever design.


  • Innovative trigger design
  • Ring quickly and easily

Price: $10

Best Bike Bells for Vintage Style

Lion Urban

Rating: 8.5/10

The excellent craftsmanship from British bell makers Lion Bell Works shines bright in their Lion Urban model— a retro design ideal for riding around the city in style. The bell looks as though it’s straight out of the 1800s with its beautiful, large dome and elegant brand engraving that’s perfect for hybrid bikes or cruisers.

The artisans at Lion Bell Works utilize a special alloy called nickel silver that’s corrosion-resistant and produces an amazingly clear, loud sound. This ring can last for longer than any other bell in this list and has a long sustain.

For those who are more aesthetic-minded, the Lion Urban can be ordered in either a polished or brushed satin finish to match your bike. It’s relatively expensive, but it’s worth the price considering the advanced materials and UK production.


  • Beautiful design
  • Durable metal components
  • Ring that lasts a lifetime

Price: $25

Best Mountain Bike Bell

Timber! Bike Bell

Rating: 8/10

Timber! Bike bell sounds a constant ringing that can be turned off. This cow-bell is useful on mountain bike trails where it alerts riders nearby that another cyclist is coming. The bell rings without you having to touch your thumb or finger. You can focus on the technical aspects of steering and braking.

This large brass bell has been upgraded with a new on/off lever, and a steel collar that can withstand the most severe beatings. Just flip a switch to turn off the continuous ringing when you don’t need it. The Timber! The Timber!


  • Mountain bike continuous ring design
  • Loud cow-bell sound
  • Attachment to handlebars solid

Price: $25

The Classic and Most Fun Bike Bells

Electra Ringer

Rating: 9/10

The Electra ringer, a classic large dome bicycle bell, is available in a variety of fun colors and designs that you can use to decorate your handlebars. This functional accessory is the life of the party, creating a friendly ringing sound that’s recognizable by anybody on the bike path. The aluminum alloy rings loudly, despite not having the same deep tone as other bells.

The thumb lever can be pushed easily and the bell has simple attachment hardware that can be installed on any diameter handlebar. This is a classic double-ringer design and the large dome makes it much louder than other bells. You can let your imagination run wild and choose a beautiful Electra Ringer bicycle bell.


  • Fun designs and colors available
  • Loud ring


  • This is not the best durable mechanism.

Price: $13

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).

Which type of bike bell is the best?

Bike bells with a loud and pleasant sound, as well as reliable parts, will keep you riding more safely for longer. Bonmixc Bike Bell is the best value for money. It has a clear double ding. The Timber! The best mountain bike option is Bike Bell. 

Are bike bells really worth the cost?

Bike bells add style and safety to your handlebars. It’s hard to put a price on safety, but bike bells are budget-friendly accessories that let you alert people that a bike is near or about to pass.

How do I pick a bike bell?

Make sure to choose a bike bell that is loud enough to be heard clearly and is compatible with your bike’s handlebars. It’s fun to choose the tone and style that you enjoy the most. There are many options, from elegant brushed metal to giddy fun designs.

Road cyclists use bells

Yes, road cyclists can use bells to signal pedestrians or cyclists that they are approaching at high speed. A bell-riding is more common for city commuters, however, as they are often riding on roads with many cars and not people walking. You can use roadbike-specific bells with drop bars.

How loud is a bicycle bell?

High quality bike bells can ring out at 80 to 100 decibels. Extra loud horns can be used to alert cars or for city use at around 140 decibels.

Do you want the bike bell on the left or the right?

There’s no real advantage to placing the bell on a certain side of the handlebars, so the choice is up to you. Some people prefer to ring the bell using their dominant hand. Since your right hand is usually busy shifting, I suggest attaching the bell to the left side. Bikes with a 1x drivetrain have free space on the left side since there isn’t a front shifter.

What should I do with my bell when riding a mountainbike?

Bike bells should be placed along the handlebar. The standard ringing bells can be actuated with your thumb. Place the bell between the brake lever clamp, and the middle of the handlebar. Because 1x mountain bikes lack a front shifter, place the bell on the left side.

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